Kindle (NOT) Unlimited

I’ve talked about starting a book blog several times in the past. Each time I always gave up because of the same problem: I CAN’T AFFORD BOOKS.

I hear what you’re about to say. “Get them at the library, duh.”

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That’s all well and good, except that a library often doesn’t order books until they’ve already become popular. I’m hoping at some point here to review new books. Books that I don’t know whether I’m going to like or not, and that I don’t know whether the world is going to like or not. Honestly, where’s the fun in writing a review of Twilight at this point? Everyone has already formed their opinion and said everything there is to say about it.

So while, yes, I am a member of the library, it’s not really a solution to my problem.

I could start a Go-Fund-Me or something, but let’s be honest, if my “friends” and family wouldn’t donate to help me adopt a child, they aren’t going to help me with a blog. And anyway, I don’t really like when people start a Go-Fund-Me for things like that. I dunno, I just feel like they should be for things you absolutely positively need but can’t afford. Like medical treatment. That’s just me though.

But this time around I thought of something that might work. I thought to myself, Self, what about Kindle Unlimited? 

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I knew a couple of people who inhale books who have really loved it, and it sounded promising. Here’s where I made a mistake. Instead of looking into it myself, I asked my husband.

“Husband,” I said, “what is Kindle Unlimited?”

And he was like, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, what all can I read on there? Is it like, everything?”

“How would I know? I’ve never used it.”

“Would you mind looking into it for me?”

I don’t like to use the internet. I am profoundly terrible at the internet. I am the only person I know who can Google George Washington and get mattress ads. And I never, I mean NEVER, find what I want to know about a company or product from their website.

Long pause. I can tell he wants to ask me to do it myself, but hears everything I just explained in his head. “Yeah, okay, I’ll look at it.”

Here was my mistake. See, my husband is not invested in my book blog. I am. So he just did as little work as possible to find an answer, instead of really looking into it and trying to find out as much as possible. His answer a few minutes later was, “There are a LOT of books available.”

My response? “But like, is everything on there?”

Pause. “It says over a million titles.”

And I, math teacher with zero concept of how big numbers are, figured that meant pretty much everything.

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The vast majority of those one million titles are books that were available for free anyway. Especially self-published ones. In fact, zero of the books I had planned on reading this summer were available on Kindle Unlimited. Which I would have known if at any point I had asked my husband to look for a specific title. Instead I waited to do this until after he signed us up for the one-month free trial.

Luckily since it was a free trial, we aren’t out any money on that complete sham.

The bad news is, I have a book blog and no books to read.

giphy (6).gif

I don’t really have a plan. Keep writing things like this and reviewing older novels for now, I guess, until I get enough followers that Edelwiess or Netgally would approve me for review copies. (That being said, I am not too proud to ask for pity follows!) Hope that my posts start getting more than … *checks site stats* … 4 visitors a day. Casually mention to my mom that ______ book is not available at my library and I am heartbroken because I REALLY wanted to read it. The usual.

In the meantime …

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5 thoughts on “Kindle (NOT) Unlimited

  1. Hi! Have you tried bookmooch? bookoutlet? or bookdepository? thriftbooks? Bloggingforbooks sometimes have good books it doesn’t matter how many followers you have . They only let you get one title at a time and sometimes their title s vary but I have gotten some really good titles off there. Also there is #booksfortrade on twitter I have never tried it but have heard good things! I hope that helps. Many libraries have $1.00 sales too. keep an eye for those. 😀 Do you have an over drive account I can sign up for library cards in many states that I do not live in.. and take ebooks out in different states.


    • Overdrive I DO have, but I haven’t explored it much. My local library doesn’t have much on overdrive, so I kind of wrote it off. I will have to check it out again. I’ll have to check out ALL of these, actually, THANKS!


  2. I would say give NetGalley a go, you’d be surprised at how willing a lot of the publishers are to provide access to books. I started blogging in January and within the first month I’d been accepted for several eARCS.

    Just make sure you’re requesting books from publishers in your area, most have little flags to indicate if they’re able to allow access to UK, US, European etc reviewers.

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    • I’m a Netgally member, but haven’t read or requested any ebooks yet. I find their organizational system a little intimidating and overwhelming, and haven’t been willing to take the time to figure it all out just yet.

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      • It’s not too bad once you get started, you can browse publishers and filter them by location so you don’t waste time looking at books that the publishers aren’t able to grant you access to

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