Top 5 Patriotic Books

Happy Birthday America! We are one year older, if not one year wiser, and we plan to celebrate the most American way we know how, exploding things. In honor of America’s birthday I have compiled a list of the 5 most patriotic books on my bookshelf. Please do not mistake this for a list of the most patriotic books of all time. This is just what’s on my personal bookshelf.

  1. I Am America and So Can You

    From the most patriot person on Earth comes the most patriotic book on Earth. Hilarious. And American.

  2. 1776

    1776, for those of you who don’t know (or forgot) is the year the Declaration of Independence was signed and the War for Independence began. This book follows George Washington and his army through the first year of that war. Seriously, how can you even GET more patriotic than that?

  3. All-American Girl

    An adorable book by Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries, about a girl who is anything but patriotic until she accidentally saves the life of the President. Can she stay true to her rebel-with-a-cause roots even as she is pulled into all these Affairs of State? But seriously, look at that cover. It’s practically an American flag.

  4. The Killer Angels

    The Killer Angels is about the Battle of Gettysburg told from both sides. Good lord, I love this book. So brilliant. Most people don’t know that Gettysburg was fought in the days leading up to July 4, a significance that could not have been lost on the generals on both sides. There is also a particular moving speech from one Union officer about what it is to BE American that really pushes this book onto this list. If you haven’t, read it!

  5. Little House on the Prairie Series

    Little House on the Prairie is as American as apple pie! Laura is a classic American heroine, tough and curious, and her tale of pioneer life is a permanent part of the American identity. Should be required reading for all American kids.

That’s all folks! What are the most Patriotic books on YOUR shelf? For the US or whatever country you are from!


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