Back to Work

Well, it’s officially August, and all of the teachers know what that means.

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I’m at a new school this year, so I’m both excited and soooooooo nervous. Going to a new school is almost as nerve wracking for a teacher as it is for a student, and for a lot of the same reasons. How will I remember everyone’s names? Who am I supposed to sit next to at Convocation? What if the other teachers don’t like me? What if I get a tough principle? Plus bonus scaries like What if the kids are the worst kids of all time?

But, for good or for worse, here I am, 6 AM in my fancy clothes, eating breakfast and trying to get the blogging in before I have to leave.

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So what does this mean for my blog?

I’m glad you asked!

I probably won’t finish 2-3 books per week.
During summer vacation I was (usually) devoting an entire 2 hours a day to reading while my son took a nap. Yeah, that’s not going to happen! Last year I read for a half hour a day during lunch, and then occasionally during the school day when we had DEAR time. I expect to finish 2-3 books per month, but we’ll see.

Expect fewer book reviews.
Well, at some point, anyway. Right now I still have a kajillion backlogged on Goodreads from 2016 and 2015. But when those run out I don’t know how many I’ll be able to write, really.

Expect fewer posts in general.
Once the reviews run out and I’m only writing them for books I recently finished, I don’t expect to have more than one a week. And honestly, I’m probably not going to be able to come up with enough content to cover the other five days a week I’m currently posting.

I will be reading, commenting, and liking everyone else’s blogs a lot less.
This is, again, something that summer vacation has allowed me to do a LOT. I’ve been reading everyone else’s posts during lunch, and I could usually get to 10-15 per day! Yeah, not going to happen now. I’ll probably have to limit to a couple a day.

Less social media.
Especially Twitter. Because, let’s be honest, it’s not like I’m super into Instagram. I once read a blogger complain about people who only use Twitter as a way to promote their blog and who don’t interact with people at all. To which I can only say: they must not have a toddler, a full time job, and an hour long commute. Spending time with my family is important to me, and I don’t want to miss out on stuff because I’m glued to my phone. Sorry guys, I don’t love you as much as my kid.

No more Wizarding World Book Chat!
giphy (17)Not that this affects anyone but me, but still! *cries* Why couldn’t it have been evenings American time? STUPID TIME DIFFERENCES!

In general, less of everything. 

So yeah, it kind of sucks a little. But I’ve always known this was how it would be once school started. I hope everyone sticks around and keeps commenting. It has been so fun getting to know you all! I started this blog because I just wanted to talk to people about books, and I’ve definitely gotten to do that. Thanks so much guys. You’re the best!

20 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Aww! Less Katie? That’s so sad! 😦 But I, too, may be cutting back come school start (as I will be starting at a new school, too… well, kind of. Same school, different program and professors.) 🙂 But it’s important to get out of our houses once in a while, too. 😉 Best of luck with the new school year! Hope it goes well and blogging is a hobby. It’s okay to take a break.

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          1. Oh god. Sounds like my degree. Can’t do anything with a bachelor’s in genetics. You have to get a PhD, which is what I’m attempting to do now, but we’ll see if it’s worth it. :p I feel like very few people actually use their degrees anymore. :/

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  2. Good luck with the start of the school year! Less posts and interaction is sad, but I think most of us understand that sometimes that happens. I look forward to seeing your posts anyway, regardless of how frequent or sparse they may be.

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