Major Life Update!!

Okay, I’ll give you three guesses what it is.

1. No. I’m not moving to Japan.

2. No, I am not quitting my job to pursue a career as a professional sports analyst/commentator.

3. No. I’m definitely not selling all my possessions and becoming a Tibetan monk.

Any more ideas? No? Well, then I guess I’ll let my son tell you. Hang on, let me get him …


I’m having a new baby, just like Mama Bear!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!

New baby should be here by March 2018. In the meantime I already have a noticeable baby bump, morning sickness has been a real beast (does it always have to happen RIGHT when my class shows up?), and I’m pretty exhausted. My husband already wants to start picking names, but we have no idea whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl. And I’m just hoping that on Halloween I will still fit in to the amazing family costume I bought for this year before I knew I was pregnant.

And no, I’m going to stop you all right there, we will most likely NOT be naming baby #2 after all of your favorite book characters. Haha.

15 thoughts on “Major Life Update!!

    1. Yeah, with the first one we tried to be cute, I think we called him Togepi, but not this time. Probably because we’ve been talking about Baby #2 for a long LONG time. We were in the process of adopting for almost year before this.

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