Disney Sidekicks Book Tag

I usually post a tag on Sunday, because tags are fun. But I haven’t been tagged for one in a while. (Come on buddies, step it up!) So I went hunting for one in my reader. And of course, anything with Disney is going to catch my eye. I saw this tag on Books and Other Pursuits, go and check her out!

Mushu: Favorite hilarious character or comedy/funny book


As I mentioned earlier this week on The Calendar Girls, Where’d You Go Bernadette is the funniest book I have ever read. Even my husband loved it! It’s a unique book too, told almost completely using documents, rather than in narrative form. I highly recommend to anyone who loves satire. 

The Seven Dwarfs: Favorite group/ensemble

giphy (1)

Is The Lord of the Rings too obvious? What about The Heroes of Olympus?

The thing about LOTR that I think people don’t always understand, is that EVERY SINGLE member of the Fellowship is lovable in their own way. The hobbits and Gandalf are obvious, but there is so much more to the characters than what you see in the movie, especially Legolas and Gimli. Even Boromir, though he makes mistakes, is an admirable character in the end.

The Heroes of Olympus, the second Percy Jackson series, is great because it adds more characters in each book. So book 1 starts out with only 3, but as the series goes on there are more and more and more characters to love.

Paschal: A book that started out one way, but changed for you

giphy (2)

The Greyfriar is a steam-punk vampire novel by Clay and Susan Griffith that started out so creepy and amazing, but the longer it went on the wishy-washier the vampires got. By the end of the series I was just rolling my eyes. But still, great beginning. So exciting!

Meeko: A plot twist you did not see coming

giphy (3)

The biggest plot twist of all time is probably at the end of Life of PiEven though I knew there was going to a huge plot twist, I just did not see it coming. If you like books that make you think, give Life of Pi a chance.

Flounder: Favorite best friend in a novel

giphy (4)

Without even a second thought, Ron and Hermione! Harry could never have made it through a single year at Hogwarts without his best friends. And I love how each of them has something to bring. There are a lot of Ron-haters out there, but not me. Sure, Ron makes mistakes, but it’s so cool to see him grow.

Louis: A novel where music played a big part

giphy (5)

In The Name of the WindKvoth spends a lot of time practicing and playing music. I love how in this novel Rothfuss makes clear how much WORK being a musician is. If you want to be good it takes lots and lots and lots and LOTS of practice. Even the talented have to work at excellence. And Kvoth’s love for music is so apparent and contagious. I wish we could have heard some of the songs. ❤

Maximus: A character that faces a lot of obstacles

giphy (6)

I’m watching American Ninja Warrior right now, so obstacles just makes me think of like an obstacle course, lol. Why isn’t there an ANW novel?

I’ve got to go with Mark Watney from The MartianEvery time it looks like he’s figured out how to get home safely something else goes wrong. But he never gives up, and his sense of humor never fails. He’s a hero you can really root for.

Hamish, Hubert, and Harris: Favorite family dynamics in a novel

giphy (7)

How can you NOT pick Pride and Prejudice for this? The members of the Bennett family are so ridiculous on their own, but really come into their own when you put them together. But regardless, they all still love each other, and when it comes down to the tough times, they support one another.

Ray: Book that most impacted your life


How am I supposed to pick ONE book that most impacted my life?! It’s collectively that they’ve made a difference!

Heihei: A Character that steals the show


The Hunger Games is a great example. While you can’t help but love Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, the minor characters can definitely steal the show at times. I think both Rue and Prim have a special place in the fandom’s heart. For me, it only takes that three note whistle to start tearing up.

Gus and Jaq: Favorite opposites attract pairing


Levi and Cath from Fangirl just make my heart melt! Levi is outgoing, fun-loving, and outdoorsy, while Cath is anxious, quiet, and very much prefers to stay inside reading and writing. But they learn and grow from each other in the sweetest ways.

I tag no one, because it’s past my bedtime and I still have to add pictures. Consider yourself tagged if you love Disney!

8 thoughts on “Disney Sidekicks Book Tag

  1. Great tag, I completely agree with Lord of the Rings (and I am a big Boromir fangirl!). I also 100% agree with you on The Martian both in terms of the obstacles Mark has to face (poor thing!) and the fact that he is so easy to root for! 🙂


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