Can You Read with the TV On?

It’s college football season, y’all!

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We’re not big in to sports in my family, but we make time every Saturday to watch our alma mater play. I don’t know, it’s probably because we were in the marching band while we were in college, but we just feel so connected to our school and everyone we graduated with while we watch. And it’s so much fun! Especially when our team is doing well, like they are this year.

Now, obviously Saturday would normally be a day when I would want to catch up on my reading. So what’s up with that? Why am I being such a slacker?

Here’s my secret: I’m really good at reading during the commercial breaks.

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I know that will be shocking to some people. Those I know in real life are always surprised to find me reading in odd situations, like in a crowded school cafeteria. But unless something is on that I find extremely interesting, I have no problem tuning it out. And I don’t lose track of what was going on while I’m watching TV. I can get a good three or four pages in per commercial break. And when you consider how many commercial breaks there are during a football game, that really starts to add up!

In fact, what’s more likely to be distracting for me during a football game than the TV is my family. They might be talking about the game during the break, and that IS interesting enough for me to pay attention to them.

So how do I do it? Am I magic? Maybe. But I’m more likely to credit 12 years going to daycare. NOTHING is more noisy and distracting during daycare. If you can read there, you can read anywhere.

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What about you? Can YOU read with the TV on? What about music?

17 thoughts on “Can You Read with the TV On?

  1. Ok, I know it’s weird but I actually like to read with sports on TV in the background! Not sports that I’m massively into like rugby but sports that I’m not that fussed about like tennis and also snooker (the slow pace of snooker really lends itself to reading in front of)! I think the ability might come from when I was little and just didn’t stop reading no matter where I was or what I as doing! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. nope. i can’t read with the tv on. i don’t know what it is. but probably it’s the same problem than with music. like, i have always music on during reading. my playlists are playing all the time. BUT, there is a but. i only can listen to english songs to block it out. as soon as german songs are playing or someone is talking in german, i can’t block it out. and since tv is in german, that’s probably the problem for me, why i can’t read while the tv is on.

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  3. I can read basically anywhere. When I get invested in a book the rest of the world fades a way a bit and sometimes I may not even be aware when someone is calling my name. I’ve read at sporting events, and I’ve read in crowded bars. So television or music is not at all distracting. Actually, sometimes I prefer to have the TV on for background noise.

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  4. If something that I am not interested in watching, I don’t really mind the TV when I am reading because I can easily tune it out. As for the music, I usually read while listening to music. If there is a playlist for the book I am reading I usually listen it before hand so I know what the songs are about. Also if there is a song mentioned in the book while I am reading that I don’t know, I usually find it and listen. Thank you Spotify πŸ™‚


  5. If I’m not interested in what’s on the TV (i.e. during the breaks!) then yes, I can read with the TV on, I’m very good at zoning out of the world and zoning into my book. I am also VERY good at reading books with music on, and this is actually my go – to for book reading. It’s a lot easier to get into the zone with music in the background. I realise this probably makes me super weird but I prefer music to say, random conversations on the bus!!


  6. For me it depends on the book, my mood, and what is on tv or playing in the background. When my husband watches Gold Rush Alaska, I usually read because I find that show so boring, lol. But, if there is something on tv that piques my interest at all, I find myself glancing up more than I should. I usually can’t listen to music while I read, but when I read the Mortal Instruments series for the first time I had a playlist going with earbuds in and it enhanced my reading experience.

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      1. Well, what happened was I was listening to Zedd on google play and it played similar music while I was reading book 1, so I formed the playlist from most of the songs I “thumbsed up” and had a MI playlist, lol. But I have not been able to do that with any other books yet.

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