Book Recommendation for My Dad

Christmas is officially coming! I love Christmas!

But I hate hate HATE Christmas shopping.

Is it just me, or is it kind of a lot of pressure to get somebody something thoughtful that they will actually LIKE? I’m always so worried that I’ll pick something that they’re indifferent to, or that I’m not spending the right amount (especially that I might be being cheap…), or that it’s not PERFECT. Some of my family members are really hard to shop for, too.

Fortunately, my dad is pretty easy. He loves to read, especially science fiction books. God bless John Scalzi for writing something new my dad will like every single year. The only risk is that my dad’ll buy it for himself before I can give it to him for Christmas!

But this year I wanted to do something different. I’ll still buy my dad the latest Scalzi book, Collapsing Empire, but I want to get him something else too. He recently mentioned that he wants to broaden his horizons, and read more than JUST Sci-Fi exclusively. Yay!

The problem is that I’m 100% sure he won’t like the books I’ve loved this year. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is REALLY not his thing, lol. He likes books that are fast-paced and fun, but not just fluff. I don’t read a lot of things like that.

So can you help me???

Books my dad has read and liked:

  • The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Magician: Apprentice by Raymond E. Feist
  • The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown
  • Tom Clancy books such as Clear and Present Danger
  • other things, probably. *shrugs*


  • He doesn’t like books that are too long, usually. LOTR seems to have been an exception.
  • Please no graphic sexuality. It’s my DAD, y’all.
  • He doesn’t seem to enjoy anything too serious. But he doesn’t like fluff either.
  • He seems to have zero interest in monsters, zombies, vampires, or anything like that.

Other than that, please send any and all recommendations my way! New or old! Appreciate your help. Happy Holidays!

14 thoughts on “Book Recommendation for My Dad

  1. Finding books for my dad is relatively easy. He reads basically every book I recommend to him and reads it faster than I do. 😀 if your father likes scifi then I would recommend The Martian by Andy Weir or Limit by Frank Schätzing (which is kind of a scifi thriller). Both don’t have fluff and are not too long. Well, Limit is a handful but at least a stand alone. Hope you’ll find a book for your father. Good luck!

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  2. Katie, I wonder if your dad might like something by Erik Larson? He writes about historical events but they read like a novel, and are very interesting! I bet he would like “Dead Wake: the Last Crossing of the Lusitania”. 😊 Happy Thanksgiving to you, and happy Christmas shopping!

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  3. Is it only physical books, or would he like an e-book – I could offer a free copy of the fantasy allegory I’ve just published (no obligation)? Similar to Animal Farm, but modern contemporary and with Australian creatures as the main characters.


  4. Dark Matter is a great sci-fi, if you want to go safe, as is The Punch Escrow. Timeline by Michael Crichton is a historical fiction/science fiction with lots of action if he’d like to try something only slightly different!

    Or What If? Which is science non-fiction.

    Outside from the science area, I loved The Talented Mr Ripley, it’s a well-loved mystery classic that is easy to read and quite fun!

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  5. First Watch by Dale Lucas. It’s basically like a fantasy buddy cop adventure.

    Storm Front by Jim Butcher. The first book in the Dresden Files. Urban Fantasy and pretty entertaining

    Hounded by Kevin Hearne. Another Urban Fantasy following a 2000 year old druid and Oberon, his Irish Wolfhound companion. This one features a lot of characters from various mythologies and is really good.

    And I know that Brandon Sanderson’s books tend to be on the longer side, but I honestly think perhaps give Mistborn, Elantris, or Warbreaker a try.

    I hope some of these suggestions are helpful.

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    1. I was thinking, as far as long-ish fantasy series go, of Robert Jordan. The people who I know have read them absolutely love them, and I bet my dad would too. I just can’t be sure he would want to read ALL OF THAT. lol.

      I have the Dresden Files on my own tbr, actually! I never thought of getting it for my dad!

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      1. Brandon Sanderson is the same way when it comes to lengthy fantasy books. There was a reason he was chosen to complete the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan passed away. Thankfully the Mistborn books aren’t nearly as long as Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives; the third book just came out and each book is around 1200 pages.

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