Merry Christmas!


Okay, so technically it’s Christmas Eve. But at our house Christmas Eve is like, half of Christmas anyway. That’s the night we have a nice dinner, go to church, all the non-present stuff. Christmas day is more for presents and playing games.

I have been blessed by so many things this Christmas, and one of them is definitely you all. I actually made it to 400 followers this week on WordPress. 400?!?! I can’t even believe it. You guys are so amazing. But more than quantity I’m so excited about quality. Some of the friends I’ve made this year have been so amazing. And even those of you who I don’t know very well, it’s been so great talking books with you! I didn’t know how much I was missing that until I had it.

I hope your Christmas is as blessed as mine has been. I love you all. God bless us, everyone!


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