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This tag from the Orangutan Librarian really left me chuckling. You’ll have to check hers out, it’s very entertaining. Also, she made it, so if I tag you be nice and link back to her. 🙂

But it also really made me think in some good ways. I love talking about rules and generalizations, but I love talking about the exceptions EVEN MORE. So this is going to be good fun.

#notall Cover Changes – A cover change you liked

Ooooooo, I HATE cover changes!!!! They drive me crazy! Except when the original cover was awful and they fix it. Which is 100% what happened with Throne of Glass. 


I mean, look at that original and tell me it doesn’t look stupid, lame, and everything bad. And I just love the art style on the new one! Very badass.

#notall Adaptations – An adaptation you love more than the book

I love that it just says adaptations, not movie adaptations, because it gives me a chance to rant about something that I’ve been holding in for a very long time.


Wicked is pretty much my least favorite book of all time!

Seriously, there are not words to express how much I hate this book! It’s just … everything about it. And it was such an amazing idea too. Which is why I’m so glad the folks from the musical got ahold of it, because they told the story in an amazing way. I am in love with Wicked, and I’ve seen it three times or something. (Once on Broadway!!!!) My all-time favorite musical, which is really saying something if you know how much I love musicals.

#notall Tropes – A trope you’ll never tire of seeing

I will never be tired of love at first sight. I don’t really believe in it in real life, but books aren’t real life and it’s soooooo romantic when done well! I will fight with you to the death on the value and romance of Romeo and Juliet.

#notall Instalove – You instaloved this instacouple

Obviously, I’m not tired of “instalove”, lol. My favorite example is Aragorn and Arwen. He walks into a glade, and he sees her, and he just KNOWS. And she falls in love with him and is willing to give up her immortality and her family to live with him and his children. *sigh* Sometimes I pull down my copy of The Return of the King and read just their story in the appendix and nothing else.

#notall Love Triangles – An example of a love triangle done well

Uh… I don’t mind a good love triangle, but I don’t know that I’ve ever read it done particularly well, lol.

OOOOOOO! I don’t know if this should count, but I found one!


Ron-Hermione-Krum. Okay, so it’s not *really* a love triangle, because Hermione isn’t particularly romantically interested in Krum. (Okay, Harry thinks she probably kissed him, but I don’t buy that. He’s waaaaaaaay too old for her, and she knows it.) But I love that this “romance” is what caused Ron to kind of realize he liked her. And I have been hardcore shipping Ron-Hermione since the first time I read their terrible fight at the end of the Yule Ball when I was 11. You want to fight be on that, we can duke it out. I’ll win. Come at me bro.

#notall Parents – Bookish parents that, you know, parent!


I loved the mom’s character in The Fault in Our Stars. It’s impossible to empathize with what she is going through, but I think it’s so clear just how difficult it is. I can’t even imagine. Anyway, she doesn’t always do the best job parenting, she makes mistakes, but she always does her best. And really as parents, that’s all any of us can do. I really admire her.

#notall Villains – A villain you love

So this one was really hard, because I don’t like villains. Like, ever.


But in House of Hades Percy and Annabeth spend the entire book in Tartarus with a bunch of villains. And everyone is trying to kill them, even though they’re already dead… Anyway. They make two friends along the way, a baby sabretooth cat, and a Titan who has had his memory wiped who Percy calls Bob. These characters raise the question (to quote Wicked): “Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?” They help our heroes when they should have been mortal enemies. Both were killed by Percy in life. But somehow in Tartarus they are re-born … different. And they seem to have the power to choose their own destinies. I love that.

#notall Chosen Ones – A Chosen One you can get behind

Again, technically this probably doesn’t count since if you ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK there is no such thing as “The Chosen One”. Whatever. I love Harry Potter and I love that he gave up everything to take the job of killing Voldemort because he was the only one who could. Harry is a true hero.

#notall Hyped Books – A book that lived up to the acclaim


I love love LOVE all books by Rainbow Rowell, and Eleanor & Park was the first one I read. I was honestly half expecting to be let down, but it is just everything. EVERYTHING.

#not all *Insert Favorite Genre* – A book your not keen on from your favorite genre

I don’t know that I have a favorite genre… I love to read a variety and mix of things. However, I have said more than once that “The Classics” are probably my favorite.

The funny thing about the classics though, is that there are SO MANY that are just … NO. Like, if you’ve never tried to read Gulliver’s Travels, go ahead, I dare you. And it’s no secret that I pretty much hate Dickens. Dude got paid by the word and it is so obvious.

But for this I’m going to stick with just Jane Austen, because I adore her. All of her books except one.


Jane, I don’t know what you were thinking with Mansfield Park, but I wish you could come back to life and give it a second chance. I hated the characters, and I hated that Fannie didn’t figure out that Edmund isn’t really better than anyone else. This book is so dang LONG, and nothing ever happens. And even though I know it’s supposed to be ABOUT how jerky people are, I just could not get over it. Mansfield Park is the only Jane Austen book I don’t like.

#notall *Insert Least Favorite Genre* – A book you liked from a genre you don’t often read

My least favorite genre is definitely romance. Not my thing. And I say that having only read like, 1 and a half romance novels at a young age. But that’s all it took for me to realize it isn’t my thing. So I don’t really have an answer for this one. I’m sure all my readers who love romance novels are going to be upset at me for this one, but I just can’t, guys. Sorry.


Hope you guys had as much fun with this as I did. So tell me, what are YOUR favorite bookish exceptions?


24 thoughts on “#notall Book Tag

  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely 100% agree with you on Wicked! I read it after going to see the musical and I honestly don’t know how they managed to make something so beautiful and amazing out of that book, it was just not my cup of tea where the musical is literally one of my favourite things ever!

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  2. I agree with SOOOO many of your answers. I also hated Wicked and love the musical and I shipped Hermione and Ron from day one. I was the happiest when they finally got together, but the whole build up of their relationship was everything.

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      1. AMEN!! I argue with my roommate about this all the time!! He hates Ron, which I don’t understand because I have always loved him, and I think its an opposites attract thing. They always had chemistry and from Krum on, seeing them fight their feelings just makes me so happy. And the payoff in the end is so good.

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        1. Also, I feel very strongly that it’s a waste of time shipping non-canon. Like, to me books are real life, and whatever happened happened, and there’s nothing I can do about it by whining. Just sit back and enjoy a great book!

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  3. Omg this is such a fun tag!! Thanks for tagging me! Insta-love can definitely be nice to read if well done, I agree with you there… this looks so much fun to answer 😀

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  4. Yay I’m really glad you liked this tag and it made you think 🙂 thanks for the shoutout! 😀 And yes you’re so right about the cover change for Throne of Glass!! And I literally couldn’t agree more about Wicked- man I HATED that book- I kept it DNFing it and I think it took me two years to finish it- not a fan at all- but the musical on the other hand is AMAZING! You’re so right about Romeo and Juliet (hehe as you can probably tell from my rant on my not all tag, I will definitely fight people to the death on that point too) Ahhh yes to Arwen and Aragorn- brilliant answer!! Ahh that’s such a clever love triangle to pick- I’d have never thought of that!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT MANSFIELD PARK- I *love* Austen- one of my favourite authors- but Fannie sucks and her relationship with Edmund feels so weird- it’s the only Austen I don’t like too. Awesome answers!!

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    1. YAY WE AGREE ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!! Great minds think alike, don’t you know.

      I think we should get together and defend Romeo and Juliet against the angry masses. Just you wait, in addition to the other times I’ve ranted about it, I have something coming out next week bringing it up YET AGAIN. 🙂

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      1. YES!! hahaha!

        Absolutely!! haha!! Brilliant!! look forward to checking it out! (honestly I turn into such a rage monster when I see people criticising the play for that reason- I try to make people see it doesn’t make them look clever… but to no avail *sigh* )


        1. Yeah, I feel like it’s so trendy to hate Romeo and Juliet just like it’s trendy to hate Pride and Prejudice because the characters “just talk about boys”, or Gone With the Wind because it’s racially insensitive. We’re officially in the era where it’s mainstream to be a hipster. *sigh*

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  5. This is such a fun tag! I loved your answers, and I totally agree about Ron-Krum-Hermione. I am not a fan of love triangles, mostly because they are usually so poorly executed, but this one was very subtle and actually added to the story!

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