Unforgettable Bookish Memories Tag

I was tagged in this a bajillion years ago by The Orangutan Librarian. If you have somehow never been over there, go today. She’s the BEST. Seriously.

No. 1: The First Book You Ever Read (or was read to you)

51hXWiuxGYLGood grief, I don’t know. Probably something by Sandra Boynton. Ever since my son was born my mom has been obsessing about Moo Baa LaLaLa, so I guess she read that to me?

No 2: The First Book You Ever Bought With Your Own Money

363403Again, I have no idea. My parents bought me a LOT of books, but I was also encouraged to spend my own money on them whenever possible because book buying habits get expensive. I definitely remember saving up my Barnes and Noble gift cards and birthday money for the later Animorph books, because I would buy them as soon as they came out, basically.

No 3: A Book You Stayed Up All Night Reading

41K99+cInvL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Yeah, never done that. I like sleeeeeeep.

Funny story though, this is actually how I got sucked in to the Twilight craze. I was having trouble sleeping one night, and I had seen my mom’s copy sitting on the kitchen table. I figured it would be terrible enough to put me to sleep. I didn’t count on getting caught up in it. At about 2:00 AM I figured it was a lost cause, went back to bed, finally fell asleep an hour or so later, and then spent the rest of the week obsessively reading the entire terrible series. Oops.

No 4: What Book or Series Will You Never Forget?

51n8BHFovdL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_So, SO many. But for today I’m answering with Ender’s Game. I’ve read this book a good five times, and every time I read it it just blows my mind. I’m choosing it because it’s so easy to remember. I find I don’t forget little details about this book the way I do about so many others. But it somehow still keeps that re-readable quality. I can’t explain it. It’s a masterpiece. If you’ve never read it, you have to.

No 5: A Book You Frequently Think About

hporiginalseries__1__d91b543590I think about Harry Potter basically 24 hours a day. Everything relates back to Harry Potter. Seriously, give me a topic, or a situation. I can relate it back. It’s my super power. I love Harry Potter, and I will never stop loving it and sharing it.

No 6: A Scene That Has Haunted You for Years After Reading It

41kkT0WKkXL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_I read a couple of Holocaust books in the fifth grade, when I went through a bit of an Anne Frank phase. They were tough, but I guess I was resilient or something, because they didn’t really bother me that much. But in 8th grade I was assigned Night by Elie Weisel. On like, page 5, there is this terrible scene where the town had to dig a ditch and then watch their children lined up along it… Okay I’m stopping because I feel sick. I threw the book across the room. Literally. And then started bawling. I spoke to my teacher the next day and begged to be allowed to read something else, but she wouldn’t let me. Ever since then I just can’t do anything Holocaust related.

No 7: An Unforgettable Character

Samwise-Gamgee-GardeningAgain, soooooo many. Samwise Gamgee, though, might always be the closest to my heart. There is just something so pure about him. He loves the way we are encouraged to love, by putting other people before himself. Even to death. And he just has this positivity. In the movie Frodo says “Nothing can squash your spirits, Sam.” Even in the darkest times Sam can remember the little joys in life. I admire that more than I can express, and aspire to be that kind of person.

No 8: A Book That Changed Your Opinion About Something

41kBIssTqlLWhen I was pregnant the first time, I read several parenting books. I want to be intentional about my parenting, and not just make stuff up as I go. Winging it rarely results in your best work, and I want to be the best parent possible. One book I read, Bringing Up Bebe, was about the difference between French and American parenting. While it isn’t intended to be a parenting how-to, it presented some French parenting practices as superior to American practices. In particular, I was interested in the way French parents handle food. I was, and still am, a VERY picky eater, and I don’t want my kids to end up hating fruits and veggies like I do. And like a lot of American kids do, let’s be honest. So, again, while this wasn’t meant to be a how-to, it changed the way I approach dinner.

No 9: Share a Random Bookish Memory

9780590434737_mresWhen I was in 6th grade, my English teacher had a book in her classroom I was obsessed with. It was called The Broccoli Tapes. I remember literally nothing about it except that Broccoli was the name of a black cat, but the book didn’t really have anything to do with a cat. Like I said, I was obsessed with this book, and I was constantly getting in trouble because I would accidentally start reading it during class. Oops! Later in the year it was a book-study option for the class, and everyone in the group who read it hated it and were mad at me for telling them it was so good. Oops again!

I tag the following people just because I’m curious to see what crazy things they’ll have to say:

22 thoughts on “Unforgettable Bookish Memories Tag

  1. Aww thank you for the lovely shoutout! I don’t remember my first book or my first book purchase either 😉 But I did love animorphs when I was younger! haha I was addicted to Twilight too back in the day (oh the shame 😉 ) Oh I love Ender’s Game 😀 It’s good that you were resilient- but I have a lot of trouble with Holocaust books too- I don’t tend to read them anymore, because they’re too disturbing. Sam is one of my all-time favourite characters. hahaha that’s such a funny story about the Broccoli Tapes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here, to all of it!

      My three kids had the same first two books, Goodnight Moon and The bedtime Book…because after #1 I’d memorized them 😂

      21 years later if a person randomly asks for a story I blurt It out. I’ve made many kid friends that way ☺️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I have Sandra Boynton’s Going to Bed Book waaaaaaaaay past memorized after reading it every night for three years, lol. At this point I think I’ll still have it memorized when I’m 100!!!


  2. My cousins used to have a bunch of Sandra Boynton books. There was this one, I think it was called Barn Dance, that we would read aloud and act out. We weren’t even that little. I must have been… eight or ten.
    AH! Ender’s Game is so amazing and complicated and brilliant. I think I’ve read it three times and every time it’s just… Ahhhhhhh.
    I feel like I also have the superpower of relating everything to Harry Potter. Maybe we’re secretly superhero twins who were separated at birth??
    Sam Gamgee is truly unforgettable and wonderful. Bless his heart.


    1. You know, it seems to be a pretty popular superpower. Maybe once the mutant x gene is discovered we’ll find out that the comics got it all wrong, and really there will only be like, 3 superpowers, and we’ll all be able to do the same things.

      Liked by 1 person

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