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Hey guys! It’s Sunday, so I’m back with another tag! Still trying to catch up on these after last semester being crazy busy. Thanks to Anatomy of a Book Thief for tagging me in this one! I absolutely love Disney movies, and I actually showed this one to my class at our last day of school party!


  • Mention the creator (Kirsty and the Cat Read)
  • Thank/mention the person who tagged you
  • Match books or characters to the questions below
  • tag as many people as you like

All right-y-roo! Here we go!

Reflection – An Inaccurate book cover that doesn’t reflect what the book is about

All right, I’m going to come out and say it. I’ve always thought the Twilight covers are super dumb. Like, I get that they’re supposed to be metaphoric or something, but it’s a YA romance about VAMPIRES. Why do the covers need to be metaphoric? But I have to say, they’ve become so freaking iconic that there has never been a re-design. Ever. Even Harry Potter’s had like, three now. I mean, I think they’re stupid, but obviously they work.

twilight series

Mushu – A character with a lot to prove

I’ve read a lot of books about bluestocking-type women in the last few years, and I have to say that Isabella Camherst (aka Lady Trent) is easily my favorite. Aside from the fact that her field of choice is, you know, DRAGONS, I love that she isn’t afraid to step up in front of the men and be a scholar, whether they accept her or not. I love that in her desire to make a name for herself and be taken seriously she makes mistakes. I love that she sees the need and takes other scholarly young ladies under her wing and helps them. But mostly I love dragons.


I’ll Make a Man Out of You – A character who develops the most or a book with some kick-ass training scenes

I kind of hate training sequences in books. In movies a good montage always works, but it books they often come across as dull. It’s preferable when they’re just skimmed over. But there is one oh so special book that managed to make training sequences basically the plot of an entire volume. I am talking, of course, about The Once and Future KingMerlin trains Arthur (for some reason known as Wart…) to be king by turning him into various animals so he can learn lessons. Watch The Sword in the Stone, it’s the adaptation.


A Girl Worth Fighting For – A ship you will defend until your last breath

I don’t know why there are so many Ron haters out there, but I’ve been rooting for Ron and Hermione since I was eleven, so… COME AT ME BRO!

Credit: Burdge on Deviantart

Huns – A book/character that gave you the creeps

You all are probably tired of hearing about it, but Dracula freaked me out to the point that I started having nightmares. It’s so amazingly moody and creepy and disgusting. You would think that knowing exactly what was going on (21st century hind-sight at its finest) would make this book less scary, but for me it made it SO MUCH WORSE. In a good way, of course. Read it!


Mulan – Your favorite bad-ass female protagonist

I’m actually pretty much over the bad-ass female protagonist. There’s nothing more to say with this trope, and I’m basically tired of reading it. So I’ll have to go with the first bad-ass female protagonist I ever fell in love with: Katniss. I think the fact that in the second two books Katniss has major PTSD makes her one of the better bad-ass leading ladies in the YA genre. To me it’s such a big deal that she shows young people that killing comes with a price, and one you may never be able to move past.


I Tag:

Have a great week everyone!

Is there a ship you will defend until your last breath? Tell me about it in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Mulan Book Tag

  1. i’m gonna bookmark your post because I’m gonna do this tag too..because wo doesn’t love Mulan.. hehe.. And I’m with you with Twilight covers, when I first saw them I was baffled…hahaha. even when I started reading them I was still baffled. and Dracula… I read it when I was very young and he gave me the creeps too. even now.. I reread it last year.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Actually, in the original Qing Dynasty novel, Mulan was a bookworm. She knew military strategy because she read so much, not because she was a badass heroin.

        I’m trying to get up the motivation to translate the novel into English, hahaha….

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