Harry Potter Week Day 3: Top 7 Characters

Harry Potter is celebrating his 21st Anniversary this week (20th US!), and Weird Zeal is hosting a week-long event! I’m a die-hard Potterhead, and I’m having a great time with these short but fun posts about my favorite series. If you’re a Potter fan make sure to check out the event!

Today we our sharing our favorite Harry Potter characters! Which, if you ask me, seems like an amazing opportunity to share some fanart too!

Top 7 Harry Potter Characters

7. Ginny Weasley

Art by Burdge

I feel like Ginny is an extremely underrated character. Aside from Harry (maybe even including Harry) she gets the most character development out of anyone in the series! I love her matter-of-fact takes-no-bull attitude and how she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. I love how she stands up for Luna before anyone else does. And I love that she supports Harry’s decisions and doesn’t try to talk him out of them.

6. Hagrid

Art by VladislavPANtic

There’s something about Hagrid that speaks to the child in me. His kindness and innocence make him beloved long after the blind 11-year-old admiration has worn off. Also, he loves animals, just like me.

5. Dobby

Art by Y-a-m-i-k-o

What do I say about Dobby? A kinder, sweeter person never existed, yet he’s brave enough to stand up for change. He helps Harry with no thought of reward, but when Harry does thank him or give him a gift he is so grateful. How can you not love Dobby?

4. Professor McGonagall

Art by Cosmonauta ready for Landing

As a teacher I admire McGonagall more than anyone else at Hogwarts. She is a good teacher. Aside from her ability to impart difficult knowledge even to students like Ron, she never loses her temper and shouts. If you’ve never been a teacher, you don’t know how hard that can be.

3. Mrs. Weasley

Art by Chuchuboogie

Mrs. Weasley! I love her! She’s like, the mother Harry never knew. I love that she sort of adopts him into her family with open arms, even though she can’t afford to take care of him. I love how much she loves her family. She’s passionate, which is why she tends to explode at them, haha. Best of all, she makes me laugh. Except when she’s pulling at my heartstrings enough to my make me cry…

2. Luna Lovegood

Art by mikemaihack

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Luna? I think we see ourselves in her weirdness and the way other kids make fun of her. But I think we also admire her for being herself anyway. She, even more than Ginny, doesn’t care what other people think. She just does her. Plus, she is a sweet, kind friend to Harry.

1. Hermione Granger

Art by Bev Johnson

If I’ve talked about it once, I’ve talked about it a million times. I’ve so strongly identified with Hermione since I was 11 years old. Her bookishness, her perfectionism, her difficulty making friends, her rule following. She’s me! Except I prefer to read fiction. I am forever thankful to Jo Rowling for writing a character that I could see myself in. It made such a difference growing up.

15 thoughts on “Harry Potter Week Day 3: Top 7 Characters

  1. Great post! I agree with most of your choices. McGonagall is a kick-ass teacher and Hermione is my role model <3. I love MRS. WEASLEY too!! How did I forget her when I was writing my post? *gasps*

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  2. Great post! I adore Hagrid and Dobby as well!! Hermione was also one of my favorite book role models growing up. The way she was able to be a bookworm, be smart and respected was such a big thing for me!
    I love these Harry Potter posts! I was super busy this week but I think I may do a few in the coming weeks for fun!!

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  4. Hello!
    I love your choice of favourite HP characters! Happy to see that Luna and Professor McGonagall made your list- I adore them as well. I love Hermione, who was my favourite character from book 1. She is so intelligent and courageous and I wanted to be just like her growing up 🙂
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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