The Burnout Solution

I’ve noticed in the last couple weeks that I’m getting pretty burnt out on young-adult books. I’ve always said that it’s not my favorite genre, but I also feel like it’s one of the most exciting genres. It’s definitely the genre that book bloggers promote the most! As a result there are ALWAYS more YA books that I want to read.

So here I am, reading more YA. And getting pretty burnt out.


I’ve also noticed how badly I’ve neglected some of my favorite genres. I’ve only read one classic this year, and my SciFi shelf is depressingly empty. I always tell my dad, an ardent SciFi lover, that I just have a hard time finding SciFi that appeals to me, but the truth is I rarely take the time to look. It’s easier to just pick up that YA book everyone is hyping. Even though I’m probably going to hate it because I’m so burnt out… Whatever, it’s EASIER!

The obvious solution to my problem is that I just need to read more. And faster. Like those people in the podcasts I’ve been listening to who are always reading like, five books a week. I always thought I was a fast reader. I am NOTHING.

giphy (1)

But, unless I suddenly win the lottery and can quit my job and get a full-time maid/nanny, that seems unlikely. (Besides, I rather enjoy spending time with my kids. Go figure.)

So instead I’ve devised a system for myself. It’s pretty basic, really. I just made a list of the six “genres” I enjoy reading, then set up ONE slot for each genre. Now I’ve got to read all six books before I can start a new list. This should force me to rotate genres. Yay!

Now we’ll just see if I can stick to it… lol

So here’s my first six books! I’m actually very excited for all of them, except the mystery which I’m nervous about. Mystery is my least read genre, and I have no idea what I like and what I don’t. But I’m going to find out!

Classic – The Color Purple
“New” Book – The Hating Game
Mystery – Salt Lane
SciFi – Artemis
Fantasy – Trail of Lightning
Young Adult – Children of Blood and Bone

How do you avoid genre burnout? Let me know in the comments!

17 thoughts on “The Burnout Solution

  1. I can empathise so hard with this!! When I am in Uni I read YA alongside the books I read for my course so although my reading for pleasure is all pretty similar my overall reading is quite eclectic but then every time I have started my summer holidays I have quickly had a YA burnout because suddenly I’m reading nothing but YA!! I completely agree too that it’s so difficult not to read all the YA because its what everyone is hyping and it’s so easy to find new YA’s to read! This summer I am trying to read more non-fiction between/alongside YA because hopefully that will stop the YA burnout and because I’ve finished my undergrad now but want to keep my hand in reading academic texts and stuff! Great post!! 🙂

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      1. Tbh this is a pretty recent thing for me and i could still never read two fiction books at the same time but nowadays i’m able to do it with non-fiction and fiction, maybe because i got used to doing it in uni or maybe because it’s easier to compartmentalise when one is fiction and one is non-fiction, i’m not sure 😂😂

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  2. I get YA burnout pretty quickly these days. Fads are such a big thing in YA nowadays, and I get tired of them in a hurry. Like mermaids are a big thing now, and I have never been interested in mermaids. So I read a lot of genres (though SciFi/Fantasy are my main ones) to avoid burnout on one genre in particular.

    I’ve started watching SFF180 on YouTube recently. The host, Thomas, provides some great reviews about mostly adult SciFi/Fantasy and some horror. I’ve added several books to my TBR thanks to his reviews.

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  3. I’m a mood reader, so I read fantasy when in a fantasy mood, contemporary when in a contemporary mood, etc., etc. So I guess I don’t really get burnout really. Though I would just say to read as diversely as possible, and if a book sounds interesting, then just pick it up and read it. Don’t put it off for a book you feel like you “have to read.”

    A non-YA sci-fi I would definitely recommend is The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. I’m currently reading the sequel, and the third book should be out next month, though they are more companion stories than sequels. The first book definitely gave me some Firefly vibes, and the crew interactions made the story so fascinating…plus all those diverse alien races were so intriguing to learn about.


    1. Haha, that’s so funny, I JUST added that book to my tbr last week! I can’t remember if I heard it recommended in a podcast, or if it was off this best SFF list I was perusing, but it sounded interesting either way! 🙂


  4. I’m not a big romance reader (as in I almost never read it), but I really loved The Hating Game. It was entertaining. I read a lot of psychological thrillers in the summer, and I’m finding that they are all blending together. Mixing up genres is a good way to keep everything straight.

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  5. What a great post! I’ve been experiencing a lot of YA burnout this year myself so I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks, mostly romance, and when I do read YA, it’s either for a tour or because I REALLY want to read it. Your list is great, and I hope you can push past the burnout!

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