Sorting Hat Sunday: Children of Blood and Bone

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Zélie was ready. All of the other children around her looked scared, but that was what made them weak. Zélie wasn’t afraid. After what happened to her mother and all the other Magi, nothing could compare. She stood chin high and back straight, waiting for whatever the teachers would bring.

When the old woman with the tall hat produced an old battered hat, Zélie’s jaw dropped. This was the test? It required no skill, no training! This was no way to prove herself worthy!

She glanced around with disdain. One girl’s knees were literally quaking, shaking so badly that she had to hang on to the dark-skinned girl next to her for support. Zélie rolled her eyes. Then, the unthinkable happened. The hat began to sing.


Zélie was not hard to sort! While I wouldn’t call her ambitious in the most traditional sense, she is certainly ambitious in her belief that she can bring magic back. She thirsts for power, and doesn’t shy away from dangerous blood magic. And Zélie definitely has a dark side. She embraces revenge and doing whatever it takes to win. 

Sorting Hat says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat


I’m having a tough time with Amari. Early on in the book her primary motivation seems to be based on her friendship with Binta. But as the novel goes on she really starts to think for herself, and plan and strategize on her own. I’m basing my final decision based on what direction I think the series is going to go in the future, but for now I’m thinking…

Sorting Hat says: RAVENCLAW!

sorting hat (1)


To me Tzain is characterized primarily by his commitment to doing the right thing. Honor, truth, and good are important to Tzain. And he certainly has a chivalrous strain when “protecting” Zélie from Inan.

Sorting Hat says: GRYFFINDOR!

sorting hat (2)


Inan is loyal to a fault. Early in the book he is loyal past the point of being able to think for himself. But even after his faith in his father fails, he remains loyal to the people and the crown. He is also brave, but in my opinion his bravery is primarily fueled by his desire to do what his father says.

Sorting Hat says: HUFFLEPUFF!

sorting hat (3)

King Saran

Saran is hard to sort for a couple of reasons. Mostly, we don’t really get to know him very well. We see him mainly through the lens of Zélie and his children. He’s also difficult to sort because he shows strong traits from two houses. He is certainly ambitious; his strongest desire seems to be keeping his family in power. However, he is definitely also very intelligent and knowledgeable if he was able to banish magic. Still, one of those things seems more defining to me than the others…

Sorting Hat says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (5)


This is another character that is hard to sort simply because we didn’t get to know her that well. On the one hand, I’m inclined to say that her defining characteristic is loyalty to Saran. But on the other hand, it is profoundly disloyal to have an affair with a married man. However, her affair seems to be based on true affection, not ambition. And she was a steadfast friend to Inan (sort of) AND to the cause.

Sorting Hat says: HUFFLEPUFF!

sorting hat (4)

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