Calendar Girls November Theme

Thank goodness fall is finally setting in, am I right? I mean, it’s still 90 degree weather here in Texas, but at least it isn’t 100 degree weather anymore! So that must mean fall is right around the corner!

I love fall. Isn’t it just the best?

Speaking of fall, the polls are in, and we have decided on a Calendar Girls Theme for Nobember. Survey says…








Not Quite The End
Favorite Middle Book in a Series


I have the feeling this one is going to be fun and have a lot of variety! (Still can’t pick Harry Potter I guess, rats. Used my HP vote too soon!) So we’ll see you all on November 5 with your pick! Don’t forget to link back to me and Darque Dreamer, then visit everyone else and give them some love.

ALSO! Don’t forget, Sunday, October 21st is the Calendar Girls chat on Twitter! Follow #CGBChat, and we’ll see you there!

Make sure to vote for the December theme!

Voting is open until November 11th.

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Calendar Girls is a monthly blog event created by Melanie at MNBernard Books, and Flavia at Flavia the Bibliophile, and is now be hosted by me (!), Katie and Adrienne at Darque Dreamer Reads. It is designed to ignite bookish discussions among readers, and was inspired by the 1961 Neil Sedaka song, Calendar Girl.

Just like the song, each month has a different theme. Each blogger picks their favorite book from the theme, and on the first Monday of the month reveals their pick in a Calendar Girls post. Make sure to post back to the hostess’s post, and I will make a master list for the month. The master lists allow everyone to see the other Calendar Girls’ picks and to pop on over to their blogs. Thus, we all get to chat about books and even make some new friends!

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