Six Degrees of Separation: A Christmas Carol to The Goldfinch

6 degrees

Six Degrees of Separation is a monthly blog event hosted by Kate at booksaremyfavoriteandbest. It’s inspired by the 6 Degrees of Separation, a movie game where you attempt to connect actors in six movies or less. But we do it with books!

This month we’re starting with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

FINALLY! A book that I’ve read! Maybe… I think I read A Christmas Carol in middle school, but I can’t remember for sure. Even if I haven’t read it, it’s one of my favorite Christmas stories. It’s a powerful story of redemption and the meaning of love. My favorite version (and this will come as no surprise to anyone) is The Muppet Christmas Carol. Michael Cane is the best Scrooge, and I will fight you to the death on that one! Another classic novel adapted by the Muppets is…

Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson. While Muppet Treasure Island is assuredly less good than A Muppet Christmas Carol, it is still a funny and enjoyable movie. Probably because Treasure Island is such a great read-aloud book. In fact, I read Treasure Island aloud to my class last year! I was honestly surprised by how much they loved it. Another book my class read my reading aloud to them was…

Bunnicula by James and Deborah Howe. I expect you all will get tired of hearing me go on and on about it, but it’s truly one of my favorite books of all time. It’s funny and smart and just a little spooky. Definitely superior to most vampire novels. Another novel that I’m sure you all are tired of hearing me go on about is…

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison (pen name of Sarah Monette). GUYS. This has been my #1 book of 2018 since like, March, and at this point it is unlikely to get dethroned. If you like high fantasy or court intrigues, you HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. It’s so amazing!!!!! Another book I loved written under a pen-name was…

Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (pen name of J.K. Rowling). I’m still a bit of a novice at mystery novels, especially the more gritty type. But I really enjoyed how character driven this was, and I think the mystery genre as a whole really plays to Rowling’s strengths. Another book with a bird in the title is…

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart. While I loved the basic premise of the book – a kid victim of a terrorist attack on a museum accidentally steals a priceless work of art – the book itself was not for me. It was long and dull and bleak. AND, incidentally, is frequently compared to another long-winded author I can’t stand, CHARLES DICKENS, author of A Christmas Carol!

So you see, once again I have done it. Full circle baby! A Christmas Carol to A Christmas Carol. Woot woot!


Thanks again to Kate for hosting! I love this blog event, it is always great fun for me to see what’s the most convoluted connection I can make while still justifying it. And it’s always fun to see everyone else’s connections too. If you like this post head on over to Kate’s to check out the links to everyone else’s. HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE!

21 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation: A Christmas Carol to The Goldfinch

  1. I will agree with you that the Muppets did an awesome job with A Christmas Carol! I just recommended it to a friend who had never seen it. They gave me a look (you know the one I mean, right?) Sigh.

    (I also like how you said that the Muppet’s Treasure Island is “assuredly less good”!)

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      1. Yes, Michael Caine makes a great Scrooge. There is a scene where (I think) it dawns on him that’s he’s actually singing and dancing with Muppets. I think it’s near the end. I just love the look on his face.

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  2. Great chain. I love your Muppets link! I was interested in reading The Goldfinch around the time when it was first published, but never got round to it – maybe that’s a good thing.

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  3. So much love for your Muppets link – no arguments from me!

    We’ll agree to disagree on The Goldfinch – I loved this book, loved her writing, although agree that it could have lost 200 pages!

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