Burnout Solution Check-In

So way back in June I wrote a post about how I was getting burnt out on YA, mostly because I was reading sooooooo much of it. I’ve always been a reader who prefers lots of variety, and tend to read any old thing that catches my interest. But since I started blogging I’ve been reading lots of YA books.

My solution that I devised for myself was that I separated my books into loose “genres”, and read one from each before I could do any repeats.

The good news: it’s going GREAT! I’ve read so many AMAZING books this year, and several of them are books I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up if I hadn’t started this process. In particular I’ve read three SciFi’s that I’ve loved, and a couple really good mysteries, which were genres I’d definitely been neglecting. I’ve been very happy with each and every book I’ve picked up in the last six months, and I’ve felt so refreshed. It’s nice knowing every single book is going to be a change of pace!

The things that need to be improved: since I was primarily focused on reading more genre fiction, everything else got sort of lumped together. Historical fiction, chick-lit/contemporary, literary fiction, they all got kind of thrown together. The result is that I’ve read exactly zero literary fiction since then. And while it’s not my favorite genre, there’s a couple of literary fiction novels that have been sitting on my tbr for years, and at this rate I’ll never get to them! I also haven’t read a lot of historical fiction, and that IS one of my favorite genres.

So for 2019 I’m going to continue with this practice, but add in a few more genres. I’m also going to be more flexible with it, since there are some new releases I’m very highly anticipating, and I’m not going to just not read it for a month because I already read a fantasy recently or something! I tried to plan for stuff like that, but sometimes I would be surprised by how quickly or slowly I read things. And if I can’t find something in a particular genre I’m interested in, I’m not going to force it. (Not that that will probably be a problem…)

Also, I may add a re-read in. I don’t know, I have so many favorites that I want to read again, but so many that I haven’t read that I really want to! How do you balance a tbr 100 books long with a library full of books desperate to be read again?

So here’s my first round, my January/Feburary (and let’s be honest, probably March) tbr!

Classic: Emma
Fiction: An American Marriage
Historical Fiction: Whiskey When We’re Dry
Chick Lit/Romance: The Wedding Date
Mystery/Thriller: One for the Money
Science Fiction: An Ocean of Minutes
Fantasy: The Winter of the Witch
YA: Slayer
Non-Fiction: The Feather Thief 

Do you ever get tired of reading books from a particular genre? How do you prevent bookish burnout? Let’s chat in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Burnout Solution Check-In

  1. To prevent burnout, I just read what I’m in the mood for reading. One thing that I’ve noticed about my reading is that I feel like I’m starting to read more “adult” fiction, I’m also not reading a lot of new YA fantasy releases which seems to be a huge trend right now. So many of the Goodreads YA new releases lists seem overloaded with fantasy. I also really love historical fiction, it feels like going back in time.

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    1. I typically mood read as well, but all that mood reading was what got me reading too much YA. That’s what everyone was hyping, so I was always thinking to myself “ooo, that sounds good!”. I think what I have now allows me to still sort of mood read, because I can pick whichever of the books I planned meets my mood at this time. But it still gives me more structure.


  2. I totally get tired of reading books from a certain genre! I think you found a good solution, clearly. I tend to buy a wide range of books from different genres, because I like to mix it up – it prevents me getting that burn out.

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  3. This is such a great idea. When I started getting really into my blogging I became overwhelmed with my TBR so I started doing something similar to you in that I read one middle grade, then one YA and then one adult and repeated as often as I could throughout the month. It kept the perspectives interesting and kind of evened out the playing field so that I wasn’t reading 9 billion YAs and like 2 middle grade. Unfortunately I seem to have stepped off that schedule quite a bit, but I am hoping to get back on track in February.
    You’ll have to keep us posted on how well this is working for you throughout the next few months :]

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  4. I am so glad that your system has been working for you, and honestly this is such a good idea! I tend to read extensively in one genre until I start feeling burned out and then switch, so I feel like I might benefit from something similar. Thanks for sharing your process and experience so far, and good luck with the tweaks!

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    1. Interesting that you can stick to one genre for any length of time. Even as a youngster I was constantly hopping around. My problem was that YA offers enough variety that I was able to feel like I was still changing genres. But all YA has a lot of similar elements, regardless of whether it’s fantasy or contemporary or whatever.


  5. What a smart system. I need to think of something that helps me with my own reading burnout. Maybe a similar idea? Right now, I just read a bunch of books in a short period of time, then stop reading altogether for several days. Genres haven’t been an issue, but I just feel emotionally tired, like after a bit I can’t connect to the characters as well? You’ve inspired me to think of a better strategy than “just hide from books”! Good luck with the tweaks!

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    1. Thanks! I don’t know that I have any suggestions for your particular problem, because I don’t read all that quickly so I don’t have to worry about that stuff! I think taking a break for a few days, especially after a particularly draining reads, is healthy.


  6. I think that’s a great solution to stop burnout. I definitely try to do this more, cos I used to go on massive genre benders and you’re right, it can cause burnout for sure. That’s a great tbr! I *love* Emma (as you probably know by now 😉 ), definitely want to read the wedding date and am currently reading winter of the witch (and loving it!)

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