Sorting Hat Sunday: The Winternight Trilogy

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Vasya looked around her nervously. Could it really be true that all these other children were special too? She was used to being different, to being the only one who could see the creatures around her. But these other children were all looking at them too. And none of them seemed afraid.

This strange contraption she was riding on was nice as well. Much warmer than a sledge. And it moved so quickly! Yet she wondered why it was such a vivid red. Was there a purpose to that, somehow?

One boy, however, looked at her angrily. She glanced away quickly, unsure what she had done to offend him. When she chanced to peek at him again a few moments later he was still staring at her, fire in his eyes. She stole a look at her sister out of the corner of her eye. Olga didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. Vasya tried to ignore the boy, but that horrible feeling in the center of her chest would not go away.

“Olga, can we go sit somewhere else?” Vasya whispered to her sister.

“Of course not. Hush,” Olga scolded, eyes never leaving her book.

Vasya crossed her arms and slouched in her chair. Exactly as she thought, this place would be just like every other place she’d ever been, full of silly rules. Fine, she’d run away before, she would just run away again.


Hmmm, this is interesting. Because Vasya is, without a doubt, very courageous. Often to the point of acting without thinking. But while she might not always think things all the way through, she is incredibly wise in the old ways. Her open-mindedness allows her to see and understand things other people miss. She also refuses to be constrained by society’s expectations for her. While she could go in either house, I imagine she would have looked up to Rowena, a fellow woman breaking the mold.

Sorting Hat Says: RAVENCLAW!

sorting hat


It’s hard to sort someone so mysterious! What do we really know about Morozko? That he faithfully continues doing his job, long after people have stopped believing in him. That he aspires to life, even though it’s not what he’s meant for. That he’s a trickster. That he is kind to beautiful young girls. Besides, how does one sort a god? However, his defining trait, in my eyes, is that he’s willing to deceive or tell partial truths in order to get what he wants.

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (1)


Solovey is the epitome of a loyal steed! He follows Vasya because he values her friendship. He is willing to put up with a lot for her.

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF!

sorting hat (5)

Peytor Vladimirovich

Peytor always does his duty to his family and his village. He re-marries, despite not wanting to, because it is what he must do. He protects his children at all costs. Eventually he gives his life for his daughter.

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!

sorting hat (8)

Anna Ivanovna

Well, she’s definitely not a Gryffindor, lol. Anna is scared of literally everything. Like Vasya she can see things others can’t, but unlike Vasya she rejects them, rather than learning and understanding. However, she is doggedly loyal to the church and to Konstantin. She blindly does what he says.

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF!

sorting hat (6)


One would hope that a man of the church would be humble and kind, but Konstantin is anything but. He is ambitious and greedy, though not for money. For talent and power. Then, later, greedy for Vasya. His ambition eventually leads him to dark magic and to become a force for the Bear.

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (2)


Olga is cut from the same cloth as her father. She puts duty to her family, her tzar, and her church above everything else. However, she is not blindly loyal like Anna. She is capable of making her own decisions about right and wrong when necessary.

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!

sorting hat (7)

Brother Alexander (Sasha)

The only thing I don’t like about this series is the overly negative view of Christianity. That is, in my opinion, epitomized by the portrayal of the priests. Konstantin’s blind ambition leads him to evil, but Sasha is also ambitious. Though his ambition leads him to good, he is very much driven, especially in the first novel, by the desire to be more than he was born to be. However, his amibition does eventually cause him to be loyal to the point of death to Dmitrii. He also puts his own life and career at risk to keep Vasya safe. He is also always looking out for the people, and is often the voice of Dmitrii’s conscience. So while in book one I might have placed him in Slytherin, I think that’s a shallow interpretation of his character.

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF!

sorting hat (9)

The Grand Prince, Dmitrii

Well now, this is a tough one! One does not become Grand Prince without ambition, and one does not stay Grand Prince without being a brilliant strategist. Dmitrii is very much a man who enjoys pursuing his own pleasure, however he does also keep a mind out for what is best for his countrymen. Still, Sasha wants to keep Vasya away from him in part because he knows that Dmitrii takes what he wants.

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (3)


Another person who could go in two places. He is ambitious enough to cheat death, but he also had to be very clever to figure out how to do it. He is also clever enough to hide who he really is and trick Dmitrii and everyone surrounding him into believing it. But then, he is willing to put everyone in harms way to get what he wants and even seems to enjoy hurting people. But you know, Voldemort was intelligent enough to figure out a lot of advanced magic, but it didn’t affect where he was sorted. So there you go.

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!

sorting hat (4)

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  1. I so love your openings to these posts!! That was just lovely!! You really captured the atmosphere of Arden’s writing!!! I’m definitely happy to have Vasya in my house 😉 Makes sense about morozko and solovey. hehe gotta agree with you on peytor, anna and konstantin! Wonderful post!!

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