New Job

I don’t know if I shared this on my blog or not, but a couple of months ago I quit my teaching job for next school year. Because I don’t have enough on my plate right now, I had to add looking for a new school. lol

It was terrifying. I’m horrible at the job hunt bit of adulting. I don’t know, I just can’t get the hang of cover letters or interviews. I quite like the school I am at, but the drive is killing me because I’m just not getting to spend enough time with my kids. There were some other reasons, but the biggest one was commuting for 120-150 minutes every day.

But yesterday I was offered a job! I am really excited. It’s close to home, it seems like a great school, and I’m just looking forward to a fresh start. I’m doing something completely different than I’ve ever done before, but I can’t wait to teach BOOKS!

So I just wanted to tell you guys. Too excited to keep it to myself. *squee!!!!*

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