My Good Reading Habits Tag

So my good blogging friend The Orangutan Librarian tagged me in this one something like three months ago. *shuffles feet guiltily*

Anyway, as book bloggers we seem to be always talking about our bad reading habits, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to see some positivity around here!

1. Using bookmarks

I don’t dog-ear pages! (Even worse, my husband sometimes uses the flaps of the dust jackets to mark his pages! *shudders*) I almost always have a bookmark on hand, and if I don’t I will use a receipt or a piece of string or SOMETHING.

2. Not losing said bookmarks!

I had a favorite bookmark that looked like a rug, and I used it for every single book for like, four years. But one day it fell out when I was on the run and I lost it.

Later I replaced that bookmark with an identical one! I was so excited! But not two months later it mysteriously disappeared…

But aside from that one really incriminating example, I am really good about not loosing my bookmarks! The Pokemon card I’ve been using since I lost the fabulous rug one I’ve had for over two years, so that’s something.

3. Visiting the library

This didn’t used to be a good habit of mine, but the last two years I’ve been a very frequent visitor of the library. I’ve saved so much money! Plus I know I’m really bolstering their stats, which they use to get money for more important stuff. Let’s not get in to how I use none of their programming… *is guilty again*

4. Saving the end for the end

It comes to my attention that some people look at the last page and/or purposefully spoil books for themselves. *gasp* This is something I have no interest in doing!

5. Reading the whole book

Some people might call this a “bad habit” and insist that dnf-ing made their life so much better and that I should stop “wasting my time” on books I don’t like. But I quite like reading books all the way to the end, and have often been surprised by how much I like a book at the end. Anyway, by the time I realize I truly hate a book I’m usually pretty much done with it anyway.

6. Reading every day

I hear people talk about reading slumps all the time, as if this is something perfectly normal to just go a few weeks without being interested in any books. I have just never experienced it, so I will have to take y’all’s word for it! Even if I only read a few pages, even with my crazy busy life I always take the time to get a few pages in each day!

7. Changing it up

I used to be really bad about only reading YA, fantasy, or YA fantasies, and I was getting so sick of the genre that I wasn’t enjoying any of those books! But these days I’ve gotten into a pretty good system/habit of reading a nice variety so I don’t get tired of things.

Seven seems like a good, lucky number, and so since we’re talking about good habits I guess I’ll stop there. I tag:

25 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag

  1. Very similar with me. I HATE dog ears on my books. No matter how awful a book is, I always complete it (or if not, which is very rare, I shelf it and made time for it on a later date). Haha. πŸ™‚ Great post by the way. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha, it was completely an accident, it was sitting on my desk at school because a student had either lost it or given it to me (genuinely don’t remember), but it just never got replaced. And now it is accidentally “my thing”. lol


  2. Great tag! I am a bit like you about reading only one specific genre in a specific length of time and get bored… lol It happened to me with cozy-mysteries a couple of weeks ago! I need to establish a good habit/system to switch things up!

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  3. Love this list! I’ve become a lot better with bookmarks too. I need to check out the library in my town – I used to go to the library where I grew up at least once a month, and then the one near my university also about the same, but I’ve not been to the one here!


    1. That’s how I fell off the library bandwagon: moving. I visited in my college-town semi-regularly, but when I got a job and moved I just … never bothered to find the library in my new town. In all fairness, my first year teaching was probably also the year I read the least, so maybe I didn’t really *need* the library, lol.

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  4. I don’t tend to dog ear pages, I have a magnetic bookmark I usually use. Or I use the receipt from the library so I always know when my book is due. I always finished books before, but now if I am truly not enjoying a book I can DNF, but there’s a part of me that holds on with some books and pushes through. I go to my library a lot and use Overdrive for audiobooks. And I either have a print book with me or an audiobook loaded on my cell phone – so I’m never without a book of some sort.

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  5. Loving the positivity! Respect for sing and not losing bookmarks! (apart from the one incriminating example πŸ˜‰ ) Woohoo to visiting libraries πŸ˜€ Ahh that shocks me that anyone would skip to the end. Oh that’s a good point about reading the whole book technically being a good habit- I ought to start thinking of it like that instead of always feeling bad for not DNFing πŸ˜‰ And it’s great that you read every day and change it up with genres as well πŸ™‚ Awesome answers!

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  6. Lol at the gifs that accompany your story about losing the rug bookmark. I hate losing bookmarks as well.
    Lol! I can’t stand the suspense sometimes and have to look at the end to see what happens before I get there. I just get too curious and anxious and worried not to.

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