Sorting Hat Sunday: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean looked nervously at the barrier between the platforms. Margot had already told her what to expect, but Lara Jean was still nervous. It’s not going to hurt, she reminded herself.

She wished her mom was here. She shouldn’t be doing this alone. Margot didn’t have to. That was the thought that did her in. Tears poured down Lara Jean’s cheeks.

“It’s okay Lara Jean,” Margot whispered, pulling her into a fierce hug. “I’m here. You’re not alone.”

“How do you always know exactly what I’m thinking?” Lara Jean sniffed.

“That’s what sisters are for.”

Lara Jean

Lara Jean actually reveals her Hogwarts house during the course of the book, possibly more than once, so there’s not much for me to say here. Sorry if I’ve remembered incorrectly, but I also feel like this is pretty obvious.

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF!


Margo is cold and calculating. She puts what she thinks is probably best in front of her own feelings and the feelings of others. She works her buns off to get where she wants to go. And as the series goes on, we learn that she isn’t afraid to make waves.

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!


Kitty is only just barely old enough to sort, which makes her more difficult. Out of everyone in the novel she gets the least character development, which also makes her more difficult. But after some reflection, I think I’ve got her pinned down. (Although I might be letting the movie sway me…) She’s confident and outgoing, she’s willing to try new things, and she tells people what she is thinking.

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!


Hm, Peter. Not Ravenclaw, lol. Not Slytherin either. Peter is kind of the anti-Margo. He’s controlled by his emotions, and he doesn’t always think things through. He’s fiercely loyal to those he cares about, but he’s also got the guts to wear a Spiderman flesh suit for Halloween. Basically at this point I’m more or less sorting him based on his jock status.

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!


Josh is kind of a nerd. He gets good grades, he prioritizes studying, and he prefers staying in and doing nerd stuff to going out and partying.

Sorting Hat Says: RAVENCLAW!


Lucas is side-character that I wish the reader got to know a little better. I loved him in the movie, but in the book he doesn’t get much page time. He’s funny and sincere, and is often insightful, but that’s all we really know about him. Except for how snazzy he dresses. He wants to get out of town to the big city, but he doesn’t quite have the courage to come out while he’s there. I’m sorting him based on his relationship insight and creativity.

Sorting Hat Says: RAVENCLAW!


Do I even need to justify this one?

Sorting Hat Says: SLYTHERIN!


Chris is another one that I don’t feel needs much explanation. Girl is constantly sneaking out and getting into trouble. Remind you of any trios or quartets we know?

Sorting Hat Says: GRYFFINDOR!

Dr. Covey

Of all of his daughters, Dr. Covey reminds me the most of Lara Jean. He’s quiet and enjoys the simple things. He’s easy to get along with and always looks for the best in people. He trusts his daughters.

Sorting Hat Says: HUFFLEPUFF!

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