Tag: Books That I’ll [Probably] Never Read

Hello everybody! I’ve got about a bazillion and a half book tags in my bookmarks bar right now, so I’ll probably be bringing you a tag a week for a bit. I don’t know why I still enjoy doing tag posts so much, but I just do. πŸ™‚

I saw this one back in March on The Tin Kitchen, and since I’ve been going through a bit of an existential crisis regarding all of the books I will never get to read (*pauses for a round of sobbing*) I immediately connected with it and decided to save it for a rainy day. That rainy day never came, but I’m going with it anyway!

P.S. If you don’t follow Katie at The Tin Kitchen, I highly recommend you do, she has a great voice and always has thoughtful things to say.

A really hyped book that you’re not interested in reading

Guys, I’m sure that The Poppy War is just brilliant, but I have no intention of reading it. I’ve seen a lot of content warnings, and that’s just not for me most of the time. I’d rather cuddle up with something G-rated.

A series you won’t start/won’t be finishing

God, could I care less what happens to Celaena or Aelin or whatever she is calling herself now. On that note, I have no interest in the Court of Whatever and Whatever series either. Maas’s writing just doesn’t do it for me, and I’m not a fan of the never-ending-series. Three books is enough for me!

A classic you’re not interested in

Let’s see how many of my hate-this boxes Moby Dick checks, shall we?

  • Long
  • Boring
  • American
  • Hundreds of pages of no story
  • Horrible and cruel whale hunting practices
  • Hero worship of jerky white men

Only six? I’m sure there are more that I just don’t know about. No thanks!

A book on your shelf you’ll probably never actually read

My Reddit Book Exchange Santa this year sent me three books. One is a short story collection called Unpossible, and y’all, I just don’t know. I don’t usually do short stories, and they look really weird. I don’t usually enjoy weird… You could probably convince me to read it without too much difficulty, though!

I feel like I could go on about this. There are SO MANY MORE books that I don’t want to read! Wow, this sure is making me feel less bad about all the books I won’t get to read. By comparison it’s a lot fewer!

Also, who knew I would have such strong opinions about books I hadn’t even read?!

(I know, it’s not actually a surprise…)

I tag:

14 thoughts on “Tag: Books That I’ll [Probably] Never Read

  1. Wow. You are brave to do this tag. I would be afraid of getting crucified over hating on any book, for any reason. πŸ™‚

    Moby Dick is a satire. Melville spent some time among the Hawaiian islanders as a teenager. Then, when he was an adult, there was a horrifying incident. A ship called the Essex was rammed by a whale out in the middle of the Pacific, and sank. The survivors could have made it to Hawai’i and been rescued, but they were afraid the islanders would be cannibals. So, instead, they tried to make it to South America in their lifeboat. Ironically, only two survived, having cannibalized the others one by one. Melville, who knew the Hawaiian people, couldn’t believe this when he heard it and wrote Moby Dick as a response to the incident and as a cautionary tale.

    Have I read it? No, I got all that information from a documentary about whaling. I have started Moby Dick and was surprised by the light, satirical tone. There was a quote from the story of the Essex as an epigraph at the beginning of Moby Dick: “We have been rammed by a whale.”

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    1. I’m not too worried about people getting upset, because the book community is usually pretty understanding that people should be reading things that make them happy, not just what everyone else likes.

      Wow, did not know that about Moby Dick! Still probably not going to read it. It turns out I rather dislike classic American literature. *shrugs* Not for me. Give me the romantic Europeans any day!

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        1. I was mostly talking about Ahab. I know he’s presented as a grey character, but he DOES take all these people along with him to potentially die on a mad quest for revenge on a freaking whale, and everyone involved is just kind of okay with this.

          Thanks for the info about Melville, though. I do super appreciate it, and it’s nice to find out when the dead white guys aren’t all jerks.

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