Which Characters from my Favorite Books am I?

I saw this from Margaret at Weird Zeal this summer, and loved it. Mostly because I’m secretly in love with Buzzfeed-style quizzes. So even though it’s not really a tag, I am unabashedly stealing it. Hope you don’t mind Margaret!

Six of Crows

Quiz: Which Six of Crows character are you? (Grishaverse.com)

What I think I’ll get: I don’t know, I haven’t read this series. So sue me.

What I got: Kaz

Y’all tell me, is that good? I don’t know that I completely agree with this assessment, I’m not usually considered a leader or tricky… but I do like to plan things!

Percy Jackson

Quiz: Which Percy Jackson character are you? (Playbuzz)

What I Think I’ll get: Annabeth. I mean, obviously.

What I got: Annabeth!

Did I pick a question I didn’t know how to answer just because I thought I would get Annabeth? Maybe.

The Raven Cycle

Quiz: Which character from The Raven Cycle are you? (Buzzfeed)

What I think I’ll get: I don’t know, I haven’t read this series either. Was this post a mistake?

What I got: Blue Sargent

I don’t know who this person is, but that description sounds incredibly on-point! Though how they figured out that I’m outspoken by making me pick a random picture of a raven, I do not know…

The Lord of the Rings

Quiz: Which Member of the Fellowship Are You? (Playbuzz)

What I think I’ll get: Probably someone random like Gimli, lol. I love Eowyn though!

What I got: Frodo

Aw, this is so sweet and paints me in such a nice light! I don’t agree with it at all, but look how awesome they’ve made me sound!

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Quiz: Which “Simon Universe” character are you? (EpicReads)

What I think I’ll get: Simon?? I get main characters a lot in these things…

What I got: Simon

Wow, these buzzfeed-style quizzes sure know how to make me sound like a better person than I actually am! This is probably the least accurate one yet. Shy. *laughs maniacally*

Harry Potter

Quiz: Which Harry Potter character are you? (Buzzfeed)

What I think I’ll get: If I don’t get Hermione I’m throwing Buzzfeed across the room.

What I got: Ginny Weasley

I highly object to this quiz. Most of the questions I was like “none of these!”. Get it together, Buzzfeed.

Quiz: Which Hogwarts professor are you? (Buzzfeed)

What I think I’ll get: I’d like to get McGonagall, but I’ll probably get Flitwick or Sprout or something weird.

What I got: Dumbledore

I take personal offense to this. And not because it says I’m a know-it-all, because I totally am. Because Dumbledore made a LOT of questionable decisions as a teacher.

Pride and Prejudice

Quiz: Which Pride and Prejudice Charcater are You? (buzzfeed)

What I think I’ll get: Elizabeth!!!!! (says every girl ever)

What I got: Elizabeth Bennett

Finally, buzzfeed got one right. Why are buzzfeed’s quizzes so terrible and random now? Maybe I’m just an old fart, but they were better back in the day.

19 thoughts on “Which Characters from my Favorite Books am I?

  1. I just took the Pride and Prejudice because I had to be Elizabeth but then I got this…

    Mary Bennet

    Your head is always buried in an improving book, and your tongue is always ready to give sober, sensible, helpful advice to any who will listen. No one ever does.

    And I guess that makes sense! 😂

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  2. Oooh yay I’m so happy you did this too! 😀 It was very entertaining reading your answers. It’s weird because almost everyone who takes the Six of Crows quiz gets Kaz, so I feel like it’s rigged??? Haha these quizzes are sometimes spot on but sometimes SO COMPLETELY WRONG. But at least you got Elizabeth Bennet! 😉

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  3. While I am sure you do have all the wonderful qualities these answers describe, it strikes me that these quizzes (like horoscopes, like many personality tests) may be designed to be Vague Flattery Machines. After all, anyone is going to love their results if you tell them they are unique, an individual, independent, misunderstood … even “shy” will strike a chord in most people, because everyone has insecurities even if they have a confident social style. Though it looks like it didn’t strike a chord with you.

    I realize the MBTI is just as made-up as all of these, but it at least includes the bad qualities of the personalities it describes as well as the good.

    I do identify with Hermione and so should every book blogger, but to TBH I don’t have her persistence or work ethic. I’m actually probably more like Trelawney.

    Fun post.

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  4. What a fun tag! Kaz is the one I wish I’d get, cos he’s wicked smart (but probably wouldn’t 😉 ) I’d love to get Annabeth as well! Buzzfeed quizzes nearly always get things wrong to be fair!! But *wow* on getting Lizzie Bennet- best result ever in my opinion!

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