The Bookish Adventure Tag

Mandy and Shea from Book Princess Reviews has tagged me in a lot of tags in the past few months, and I don’t think I’ve done any of them… *shame face* In fact, in this tag which I am getting from Mandy, I wasn’t actually tagged! So why am I doing it now? I don’t know, it’s at the top of my list. *shrug* If you aren’t following Mandy and Shea at Book Princess Reviews, you need to, go.


magine that you are an intrepid literary adventurer- braving the harsh bookish wilderness, traversing jungles of pages and slashing through vines of words. Where in the vast world of books would you go?

  • Write about one place mentioned in a book you wish you could visit and why.
  • List 3-5 things that you would do there.
  • Mention which souvenirs, if any, you would bring back with you.
  • Then tag some more literary explorers and please link back to the creator (Umairah @ Sereadipity) so I can see all of your adventures!

My Bookish Destination

Hogwarts, obviously. It’s literally the most magical place in the world, and I want to be there and make friends and learn to do magic and have a pet cat and just be a witch. *sigh*

Things I Would Do

Well, I would actually prefer to not have adventures, thanks. I want to go to class, hang out with my friends in the Ravenclaw Common Room, and maybe win the house cup. Learning accio and how to apparate are a MUST.


My magic wand! Cypress, Phoenix Feather, 10 3/4 inches, hard. Also, some photographs of me and my friends would be nice!

Tag, You’re It!

Since I wasn’t tagged (and since I would rather go to bed than tag folks…) I’m not tagging anyone. But if this looks like fun to you, TAG!

6 thoughts on “The Bookish Adventure Tag

  1. Ahhhhh I’m so glad you did this one! This was such a fun one, and Hogwarts is definitely a perfect place to visit! A wand is definitely a must, and I’m picturing all the epic photo opps you would have! And lol, I’ve certainly done that with tags before, so you definitely have to go with your fancy. Great post! πŸ™‚

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