10 Most Random Books on my Shelf

I don’t know about anyone else, but over the years I have acquired some seriously unusual books. Some of this is because back in my pre-blogging days, my primary method of finding a new book was to wander around the bookstore and just … choose. At random. Some of my strange books were given as gifts. Others, especially in the non-fiction section, are my weird husband’s books.

So I thought it might be fun to share the most random of the random with you all. These ten* books are unusual enough that I bet you wouldn’t find them at your favorite bookstore without special ordering. I’m going to go ahead and doubt that my library has any of these books but one or two either. (And y’all, my library system is BIG). So! In no particular order, here are my most random books.

*Why ten? Because no matter how hard I tried I could not narrow it down to five!

The Greyfriar

Author: Clay and Susan Griffith
Goodreads Ratings: 5,195
View on Goodreads

This is a book I found back when I worked at Barnes and Noble. I was shelving books and the gorgeous cover caught my eye. I mean, look at it! Every time I was in that section I would pick the book up and just look at it. Eventually I caved, bought it, and read it. It’s fine if you’re in to the steampunk vibe and paranormal romance. Nothing too special, and the series really deteriorates as it goes on. But alright for a light, fun read.

Menfreya in the Morning

Author: Victoria Holt
Goodreads Ratings: 3,200
View on Goodreads

Not only do I have this old-as-sin book, but I have a mini-collection of five matching ones by the same author! I inherited them from my mom when I was in middle school. (Which, let me say, was a questionable decision because these books are pretty adult.) They’re kind of pre-Nicholas Sparks. They’re not harlequin romance, but they’re not exactly “serious” literature. They occupy a space somewhere in between. I read them over and over again in middle school. What can I say? The time period really captivated me.

Prince Harry Boy to Man

Author: William Kuhn
Goodreads Ratings: 53
View on Goodreads

This book! This book is so special to me! The author, William Kuhn, wrote on of my very favorite books: Mrs. Queen Takes the Train. I’d written reviews for it in several locations, most notably on my pre-book blogging blog. So when he was looking for reviewers for Prince Harry, I was one of the people he reached out to. It was my very first ARC, and the signed paperback was a thank-you for writing a review. This book was so much fun. If you enjoyed Red, White, and Royal Blue, I can’t recommend this book strongly enough (though it’s NOT a romance novel).

The Engines of God

Author: Jack McDevitt
Goodreads Ratings: 8,161
View on Goodreads

This is a classic example of a book I picked up at random at a book store. I wanted to read more Science Fiction, but I didn’t know how to find something I might like. So I walked over to the shelf, picked up a book with an interesting title, and walked away. Turned out pretty well. I actually really love the first half of this book. The science explored is extra-terrestrial archaeology, which is just super fascinating. The back half of the book gets a little weird, but you can’t beat the beginning.

Unpossible and Other Stories

Author: Daryl Gregory
Goodreads Ratings: 367`
View on Goodreads

I was given this book via the Reddit Book Exchange. It looks … unusual. Will I read it? It’s hard to say. I’ve never really read a short story collection before, and I’m not super into weird books. But I mean, maybe!

Broken Branches

Author: M. Jonathan Lee
Goodreads Ratings: 133
View on Goodreads

This is a book I never would have read if I wasn’t a book blogger. This was back when I thought I wanted to review lots of ARCs, and I’d heard it was really easy to get an ARC of this book, and it sounded interesting enough. So I went ahead and ordered one, reviewed it, and quite enjoyed it. It’s definitely worth the read if you’re into psychological things like A Beautiful Mind or Black Swan.

American Band

Author: Kristin Laine
Ratings on Goodreads: 147
View on Goodreads

I’m not sure how I came to own this book. Probably someone gave it to me because I was such a huge, giant band nerd that I majored in music education so I could keep doing marching band for the rest of my life. It’s actually a really interesting book! Kristin Laine is a reporter, and for one marching season she followed one of the best bands in the country. She did observations, interviews, backgrounds. It’s a pretty amazing book about what it’s like to be in a marching band. I highly recommend it to band nerds!

You Could Look it Up

Author: Jack Lynch
Reviews on Goodreads: 167
View on Goodreads

This is one of my husband’s books. I think it was a gift, but he specifically asked for it. I don’t know why, he never read it. I gather from goodreads that it’s a history book about reference books. *shrug*

The Gospel According to Larry

Author: Janet Tashjian
Goodreads Ratings: 3,536
View on Goodreads

This is another book given to me in the Reddit Gift Exchange. I don’t know much about it, really. It’s a YA book, I guess, about a kid who has a blog or something? I don’t know. It sounds like it’s mostly just an outlet for anti-consumerist sentiment. Again, I might read this in the future, but for now I’ve got a bunch of books I’m much more excited about.

The Class Meeting

Author: Kevin Watson
Goodreads Reviews: 148
View on Goodreads

I read this book in Sunday School. I know, shocker. Honestly, what is more shocking to me is that more Methodist churches aren’t doing this. I feel like this book should be better known.

So have you heard of any of these books? Even (and this would shock me) read one? Let me know in the comments!

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