March Madness 2020 – Bookish Edition

Hey all you boys and girls out there! I don’t know about you all, but I can’t get enough of brackets. I love doing all those stupid online brackets to see which Disney movie I like best, or what my favorite Taylor Swift song is, or literally anything except sports. And since I fully expect my social media feed (if I was on social media anymore…) to be flooded with basketball content for the next month, I thought I would go ahead and throw a bookish bracket out there for you all! (But mostly for me, lol)

So I was thinking about what kind of bracket I would want to do, and I had lots of ideas. YA Paranormal Romance, Time Travel, Classics, Dragons! But … basically I realized I wasn’t going to have time to do all of that reading. Next year I’ll have to start in July! Haha.

Anyway, I was thinking about what I could do without having to do a bunch of extra reading. And, BOOM, it hit me! About two years ago I was completely obsessed with The Great American Read. If there’s anything I like better than brackets, it’s lists!! Amazon Top 100, BBC Books to Read Before You Die, Great American Read, I’ve done them all. I never usually am able to check off more than twenty or so, but The Great American Read happened to have a lot of books I love on it. Then, AFTER THAT, I was so in love with the show that I went out there and read more! There’s still a few on my tbr, but I’m hopefully getting to them this year.

Seriously, The Great American Read was a great mini-series, and it’s still available on PBS’s website. If you love books and you love PBS you have to watch it!

So here it is, my 2020 March Madness Bookish Edition Bracket!


Disclaimer: I haven’t read all sixteen of these books. *gasp* When I initially had this idea I knew there were only three I hadn’t read, and I decided to read two of them. (The Grapes of Wrath is too long, and it’s just not going to win anyway.) But … I forgot about Anne of Green Gables. EEK! Sorry Anne lovers. But, I mean, there’s no way that was going to beat Harry Potter. Come on.

Another disclaimer: Since both of my favorite books are on this list, I have a fair idea of what’s going to win. But whatever! BRACKETS ARE FUN! WOO!

So here’s how this event is going to work. Every week I’ll do a round, pitting the books against each other in an epic book battle. I’ll pick my winners and justify it, explaining why one is my favorite. You’re welcome to disagree with me in the comments all you want! If you all would be interested in playing along (or possibly determining the winners?!) let me know and I can include that too. Or you can do your own bracket on your blog and we can compare notes each week.

I mean, really at this point this is kind of whatever you guys. I’m just doing something that’s fun for me, but if there’s a way I can make it fun for anyone else just let me know. I don’t expect this blog mini-series to get a lot of views or participation, but like I said, I just really like brackets. So there it is.

So what do you guys think? If I made this a voting thing would you vote?

11 thoughts on “March Madness 2020 – Bookish Edition

        1. I wish I had read it in my American Literature class in high school instead of Gatsby or The Old Man and the Sea. All of the books in that curriculum were from the same 2 decades, and this would have been a nice change.

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