Moving Week!

Short life update!

I am not here with my usual discussion post this week because the time has come. We are FINALLY moving!

As I’m scheduling my posts for the week, it is Sunday night. We are all healthy at this time, and moving day is scheduled for Wednesday. Due to potential bad weather we don’t know for sure what day moving day will be. I’m so excited. Those of you that know me this has been in progress since September. Yes, September. I’m so excited to finally be moving just down the street from my dream job which, by the way, I am loving. I’m moving back to my hometown, for the first time in three years I don’t have a commute, and I am over the moon.

But packing has been a lot, especially since my husband and I both work in places affected by Covid-19. So my mental energy isn’t here for my usual discussion post. Stay healthy my friends, and stay calm.

21 thoughts on “Moving Week!

      1. Ooof, yeah my parents ended up going to this big company that we see supplying all the stores but since it’s supposed to be for businesses they had to buy minimum 2 of their 96-roll boxes and it was like $200 I think? But I think we’re good on toilet paper for like the rest of my life xD

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          1. Well, but I know a lot of people are using a lot more toilet paper than they did before. If you’ve got three kids and two adults, and they’re all doing ALL their business at home instead of work/school… Apparently the professionals estimate the average family will use 140% more than they did before, lol. So maybe they aren’t just stockpiling! *is hopeful in humanity*


        1. I was worried it wasn’t going to happen, which was really scary since I’m supposed to be working from home right now. It was really hard trying to do it all from my phone. Glad to have a keyboard.


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