Things I Miss Most, Book Edition

Hey friends.

We’ve been home for a while. I think we’re going on week seven here? Now that my family is getting adjusted to being at home without murdering each other, we’re starting to fall into a routine. Things are more comfortable, we aren’t scared all the time, the whole thing is becoming so … normal.

But now that things are slowing down a bit, I find myself missing the outside world. Not like I did at first, where I just wanted OUT OF THE DANG HOUSE. More of a dull ache. Sort of like you might feel about summer vacation mid-September. Wistful, nostalgic, maybe just a little blue.

We’ve all talked it to death. We miss our friends, our families, our jobs, going to restaurants, going to the park. But here’s the book version. The things I miss the msot as a book nerd.

The library

I miss the library so much it hurts. I miss checking out books. I’m running out and I’m going to have to start spending money soon. I miss the smiling faces. I miss bringing home something new for my kids. I miss storytime. I miss the sense of community I got from reading the same copy of a book as hundred before me. I miss the smell. This is the longest I’ve gone without visiting the library in years.

Putting my book in my purse

I took a book with me literally everywhere, and one of my daily routines as thoughtless as unplugging my cell phone was grabbing my book from my nightstand and putting it in my purse. Now the only place I take my purse is the grocery store, and I sure won’t need a book there.

People asking me what I’m reading

It’s not something that happened every day, usually only if I was reading in public. But I miss people asking about my book. Because you knew anyone who asked was probably a reader, which gave you permission to gush just a little.

Browsing at the bookstore

Another thing I didn’t do often, since I was more often found at the library. But I’ve got some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, I there’s nothing quite like the thrill of ten thousand books just waiting to be purchased. I especially love new in paperback tables. I don’t know why.

Trying to sneak a look at a stranger’s book without them noticing

Am I the only person who does this? If I ever see a person reading in public I have to know what they are reading just in case it’s The Goblin Emperor or something and I’ve found my long-lost bff-soulmate. Not that I would ever be brave enough to, like, talk to them, but I would smile at them and send them lots of psychic bff vibes. Maybe someday I will find a book buddy this way… Haha, probably not!

What bookish thing do you miss the most? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Things I Miss Most, Book Edition

  1. I miss going to Barnes and noble and The Strand and just wandering the aisles looking for things to read. I miss my book clubs in person. Two of mine moved online but it wasn’t much fun, and one group chose not to meet at all. That’s why I’ve been sporadically blogging about books I’ve read because I hate not talking about books!

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  2. I like your whole list but the last point got me the most. I’ve done the most ridiculous things(in hindsight) to get a glimpse of someone’s walking back and forth, asking whoever i was standing with to give it a shot but never have I had the guts to directly ask 😂😂

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  3. Check your library’s website! I can borrow books through Cloud Library and Hoopla on my library card! See if they have any apps you can use to borrow books! I have to read on my iPad, which is heavier than my Kindle, but it’s been getting me through this ☺️


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