Blogging Break for Black Lives Matter

Hi friends. I haven’t been around this week. I haven’t been reading, and I haven’t been posting. Instead, I have been watching documentaries and videos, listening to podcasts, and reading articles about mass incarceration, police brutality, and the Black experience. Today my goal is to start researching how to get involved in my local government and/or political parties.

Blogging is a fun hobby. But right now I think my time is better spent on non-hobby activities. I encourage some of you, especially Americans, to consider the same. I’ll see you in a few weeks.

One thought on “Blogging Break for Black Lives Matter

  1. I love this goal. I have been online for very limited periods in the past week, as I’ve also been attending to the news, as well as some personal real life matters. Our blog content is generally scheduled weeks in advance, so we have stuff going up, but I have not done much in the way of creating new content. Real world events definitely are more important right now.

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