2020 Book Blogger Awards: Nomination

Well this is weird. I didn’t expect to find myself writing one of these. Partly because I am so NOT influential in this community, partly because I don’t follow that many people so how am I supposed to know who is the best?, and partly because, well, this is pretty out of my comfort zone. But there’s one book blog that I have been expected to see in other nomination posts and haven’t. Maybe someone I don’t follow nominated them, but I want to make sure they don’t get left out, because this blog DESERVES IT.

Best Discussion Posts

The blog I want to nominate always has thoughtful, well written content. The blogger who writes most of the discussion posts does their research and make sure to provide both sides of the topic. I always walk away from their discussion posts feeling better informed and more sure of my own opinions. In addition, they ALWAYS engage in the comments with thoughtful, detailed responses. Sometimes we will exchange comments back and forth several times. And isn’t that what discussion posts are supposed to be about? Actually DISCUSSING?

So I’m nominating Briana and Krysta from Pages Unbound.

Here are some of their recent discussions if you want to see what all the hullabaloo is about:

As a final note, their about page says they’re going award free, but since I’ve seen them participating in award nominations I assume that means the tag-style “award” posts like Sunshine Blogger etc and not the annual Book Blogger Awards. Sorry if I’m wrong ladies. Either way, I want you to know how awesome I think y’all are.

Thanks to Marie and May for hosting, I can’t wait to vote.

16 thoughts on “2020 Book Blogger Awards: Nomination

  1. I love Pages Unbound! I also haven’t seen them nominated yet, so I think its awesome that you did!

    Personally, I decided against doing my own nominations because I’ve only recently gotten back into semi-active blogging and most of the blogs I follow have since gone inactive…

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  2. Aw, thank you so much for the nomination! Briana and I are both honored!

    We did mean the Sunshine Blogger-type awards. There were just too many to keep track of at some point and so it seemed less awkward to just go award-free at the time!

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  3. Hallo, Hallo Katie,

    This is my first year participating in the Book Blogger Awards – both as a nominator and as a double nominee – however, what I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to share is my own nomination list! *whew!* I really came under the deadline by a spare hour or so last night to get it released on my blog! Similar to you, I wasn’t sure if anyone I nominated might be known within the nomination community which is why today as I continue to loop back round to everyone’s posts I’ve found overnight to add commentary, I am happily finding some of us are nominating new bloggers not on all the other lists and blessedly, I haven’t yet found each of the bloggers yet myself either.

    This is a lovely way to get to know more of the bookish community whilst the celebration factor is what I love – to openly talk about why we are nominating the bloggers and why they’ve left an impact on us – just like you’ve done. I haven’t found this blogger and I look forward to seeking them out now! Thank you for sharing!!

    You can read my nominations and see if we share any mutuals, too.

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  4. I was glad to bounce into this today….read through some of the thoughts with interest…..but would want to quickly say a blessing over all of you for all the time, the writing, the inspiration, the giving, the sharing, the care, the camaraderie, the encouragement and all things lovely that you do through your blog posts….may you be enriched deeply in the coming days post covid…..i wish good health, safety and divine provision and peace for each of you reading this…..

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