My 500th Book

Good day friends!

I’ve been using Goodreads for a long time now. Since 2014 according to my profile. And while I’m well aware that many of the books I read when I was a kid aren’t on there, nearly everything I’ve read in my adult life is. And today. Well. Today I hit a milestone.

I’ve read my 500th book.

To those of you who regularly read 200 books a year that might not seem like such a big deal. But whatever, I’m in to numbers and this is a fun one.

So what was it? The 500th book? I’m glad you asked. Drumroll please!!!











You Should See Me in a Crown


I didn’t really plan for this, but I am so glad that his happened to be my 500th book. It was fun, adorable, and romantic. I laughed, I cried, I swooned. If you’re looking for a light summer romance, look no further. 5 stars all the way.

How fun is it that my 500th book happened to be a 5-star book?!?!?!

By the time this publishes it will have been a week since this oh-so-mighty accomplishment, and at the rate I’m going this may be up to 502 or 503 by then. (Stay-at-home may be killing my mental health, but it’s doing wonders for my book stats!) But I hope you will celebrate with me regardless. Have a drink. Throw some confetti at the next person you see. If you don’t have any confetti, throw your phone. Whatever makes you happy.

But in all seriousness friends, thanks for being there for me. Without you all I’d a) never have read this amazing book b) probably be re-reading classics again all summer c) not have anyone to talk to about all these books. You make my life better. Love y’all.

20 thoughts on “My 500th Book

  1. Whoop whoop, congrats!! ğŸŽ‰ I just recently passed my 200th book on Goodreads, so I just went back to check what that book was and… it’s some random online short story I don’t even remember 😅

    I’m so glad your 500th book was one you enjoyed so much! I’ve actually just started listening to the audiobook of You Should See Me In a Crown and I’m very excited to get further into it! 😄

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  2. Congrats Katie!!!!! I’ve been on GR for a long time too, and I must admit I only track my current books and I delete books too, so my number on GR is just a rough estimation. But I still love to track my books there

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

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    1. Thanks! I used to be jealous of them, but I found that since I read so much more than I used to I remember a lot less about the books. Now I wish I could force myself to slow down to the way I did it before!


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