5-Star Prediction Posts Confuse Me

This is going to be a short discussion today, but I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in which the author predicts their next five-star read, or books they think will be five-stars for them in the next month/6 months/whatever.

The main thing that confuses me about this is… do you read books you don’t think will be five-star reads? I mean, I’m not here to tell you what to do, but there are SO MANY amazing books out there, and it seems like a waste of time to read something you’re not expecting to LOVE. I’m pretty excited about every single book on my 2020 must-read list, I’m definitely not going to interrupt that with a book I’m like, “meh, this will probably be okay” about.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect that every book I read will be a five-star book. If I’m being honest, I pretty much assume books will be four-star reads (four-stars means LOVED it!), and then the five-star books are always a happy surprise. But that’s just it, they’re always a surprise! How can you predict when and where lightning will strike?

If anything, when I go into a book saying “I KNOW this is going to be my favorite book of the year” I’m almost always disappointed. I think we’ve all experienced the let-down of over-hyping a book, which is maybe another reason those posts confuse me.

Do you try to predict your five-star books? How successful are you? Let me know in the comments!

23 thoughts on “5-Star Prediction Posts Confuse Me

  1. I don’t do these kinds of posts but I think the author might just look at books that are coming out in that time period and see, aha, there is a new book coming out by this author that I like and I will definitely LOVE it or else.
    I guess those kind of hyped reads, the ones you’re looking forward to so much, you just expect that you would never rate it any less than five stars? (I never give the rating any thoughts until I’m writing the review anyway.)

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  2. Bwhahaha I do get your point Katie and you are right but sometimes I just want an easyto read book. I will like it but won’t be amazed by it.

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  3. Haha love this post. Yeah I definitely only read books I think will be 5 star (and honestly usually I’m wrong…). Occasionally I might try a book people have been bugging me to read even if I think it might be a 4 star but that’s not very often.

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  4. I tend not to get into the hype about a book, I read what interests me, to gain a wide plethora of writing styles and genres as much as I can.

    Though I do intentionally read a few books which I know will only rate as average… generally as pallet cleansers between heavier reads, and these are mostly guilty pleasure reads which are fun or cute. Quick reads. They give me a break and a sense of accomplishment.

    I have also in the past read novels which I know will be rated really low and used them as an exercise on what I would do to re-draft. Keep my skills sharp for editing my own work. I think reading a doozy every now and then keeps your critical eye in perspective.

    I guess it comes down to why you read in the first place…

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    1. I wouldn’t have thought to read something that needs editing in order to edit my own work. That’s an interesting perspective. That being said, I know literally nothing about revisions because they didn’t bother to teach me how to edit for anything other than grammar in school.

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  5. I definitely see your point, sometimes trying to predict 5 star reads can put a lot of pressure on a book to perform. However, I do go into books already knowing they’re not going to be a 5 star read because they’re outside of my comfort zone, or I’m trying a different genre, or I want to check out something that everyone else is talking about but I know it’s not my exact cup of tea, etc. For me, 5 star predictions are usually for books that are in a series I already know and love or by authors I have a 5 star track record with. Great discussion topic!

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  6. I don’t try to predict the star rating of a book I want to read. There are three star reads I’m enjoying just fine. Sometimes I want to read something that ‘just sounds fun’, especially between more heavier stuff, even though I’m pretty sure they won’t be 5 stars. Sometimes, I’m pleasantly surprised. In the end, as long as I’m genuinely interested in reading a book, I will read it.

    That said, I think predicting 5 star reads is putting a lot of pressure and hype on a book, and you might set yourself up for disappointment that way.

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      1. I would consider that a shame, especially if I were to enjoy a book just fine if I hadn’t hyped it so much. I did do it in the past, though, but no book can live up to that hype.

        It’s a lot of fun to be blown away by book you hadn’t expected to be blown away by, though!

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