Top 5 Places to Read

It’s a stressful time. So let’s take a trip together to our collective happy places, shall we? For me the happy place is any awesome place to read.

5. Literally anywhere outside in October

October is my favorite month. Here in Texas we get very little truly beautiful weather (it’s almost always too hot or too cold), but in the fall we get great outside weather. And in October we tend to get about five perfect fall days. You know the type, sunny but cold enough for a sweatshirt, a good breeze but not too much. On these perfect days I love to go sit anywhere outside to enjoy my book. ❤

4. Cozy on the couch

For me this is usually at nighttime, wrapped in a blanket, maybe with my foot in the footbath. It definitely involves a cup of my favorite rooibos tea. Bonus points for a thunderstorm or some good wind noise. The only risk is I’ll get lost in my book and stay up past bedtime.

3. My sunroom

We just recently got a couch in our sunroom, and for the first time it’s been cool enough to actually open the windows. I’m in love. I get a great cross-breeze, I can hear the birds cawing (no lovely chirping here!), in the evening I can see the bunnies playing, and I get all the experience of being outside without having to deal with bugs or a sunburn. Perfect for weekend reading.

2. The beach

Is there any better sound than waves on the beach? Honestly, I love the ocean waves so much that it’s hard for me to get much reading done, I get so distracted watching the water. Lake beaches tend to have cooler sand and less dramatic waves, so they might be better for reading, but I enjoy it so much more on the ocean.

1. On the lake

Doesn’t matter, Great Lake or small lake, beach or porch, summer or fall, lake life is the best life. There is little better in this life than sitting outside, the breeze in your hair, your nose in a book, and the gulls calling. I miss vacationing on Lake Huron every summer. If anyone has a lake house or cottage they’d let a family stay on for free, hit me up.

Where is your favorite reading spot? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Read

  1. I completely agree with number 1 and 2! I live on the lake and love going down to the beach with a book. It’s one of my favourite places to relax and read just listening the waves with sand in my toes. I love sitting outside during fall reading, but I’m going to miss summer for that reason. – Amber

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