How to know when your TBR is too long

Looking at your tbr gives you anxiety.
Books are supposed to make us feel happy and relaxed! If your tbr makes you anxious, it’s probably because there are too many books on it, my friends.

You look at some of the books and think “I’ve never even seen that book before!”
I think we all have books on our tbr that we can’t remember the plot of or why we added them. But if you’re looking at a book and you don’t even RECOGNIZE it, the problem is either a cover change or you have so many books you can’t even remember them all.

There’s not enough room on your shelves for all your unread books.
When books are falling on the floor, when you can bathe in the pile of books on the floor, your tbr is probably too long.

Looking at your tbr doesn’t actually make picking your next book easier.
I don’t know about anyone else, but as a Libra who hates making decisions, too many choices can be paralyzing for me. When my tbr is too long it actually makes it HARDER to pick a book, which is the complete opposite purpose it was designed for!

You feel like you need to make excuses for your tbr.
Look, it’s not your perpetually late, super flakey best friend. It’s a list. If you feel like you have to make excuses for it, it’s probably because you’re feeling guilty or something.

You buy more books than you read.
I mean, that’s just math folks.

You have nightmares/stress dreams about your tbr.
Dreams that your tbr morphs into a giant reptile and stomps down the city is a sure sign that it’s become a monster.

You’re a book blogger.
Let’s be honest. All our tbrs are too long. Am I right?

How do you know YOUR tbr is too long? Let me know in the comments!


21 thoughts on “How to know when your TBR is too long

      1. I have been having three books going at a time. One is something light and easy that I peruse my list for. The other two are either a book club (either my own book club or I’m a devotee of Reese, Jenna, gma and Barnes) or what’s next on my tbr….but I’m ruthless at this point if I’m going to my tbr…if I don’t want to read it then, I dump it…if it was meant to be, I’ll read it eventually

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  1. Sigh. I not only need to cull my TBR, I need to cull my cullings. I’ve kept TBR lists on post-its, in my e-mail, on my Google Drive, on my blog. I thought GoodReads would be my final TBR, but then the library’s Summer Game introduced me to so many tempting stories that I have two (three?) library TBRs – “For later,” “Summer game,” and the more direct TBR of what I’ve actually checked out.

    Konmari was actually kind of helpful to me in the same way this post is; that process said “Okay, if the book is on your shelf but you’re not looking forward to opening it…why keep it there?” There’s still 100+ books that I told myself I was/am excited to read – but with the understanding that if I start them and don’t love them, well, time to send them on.

    The rough thing about both GoodReads AND the library (and bookstores too, I suppose) is that looking at the book and wanting to read it – and even bringing it home – doesn’t immediately give you the time/energy/focus to read it! ALAS.

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    1. PREACH! There will never be enough time to read all the books I’m interested in, lol. I like the “if you’re not looking forward to opening it…” Most of the time when I take books off my tbr it’s because I’ve lost interest in *actually* reading them, and they’re just there because everyone hyped them.


  2. Love this post! The amount of things that are true— welp

    My Goodreads tbr has the upwards of 900 books on it. I keep trying to cut it down but that thing is like a never ending weed.

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  3. Great post! I’ve definitely experienced the second one a lot. When I did a massive cull of my TBR a while ago, I couldn’t even remember why I added about a quarter of them! Now, I regularly clear it out and I never let my TBR get above a hundred.

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