The 2020 Book Tag

Well, 2020 is over (thank God), but on Tuesday I was tagged by Hundreds and Thousands of Books, and I feel like the year isn’t so far gone that I can’t still participate. It’s been ages since I’ve done a tag. 🙂


  • Link back to the original creator, Phoenix @Books With Wings
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Answer all the questions 
  • Tag at least 4 people

Using only books read in 2020. Okay, GO!

Part 1: Beginning of the Year

A book you were really excited for
I had been waiting a year and a half for Hilary Mantel’s conclusion to her beloved Thomas Cromwell trilogy, The Mirror and the Light. It’s one of the the only books I pre-ordered before June. Fortunately, it was *just* as amazing as I hoped it would be, and ended up being my favorite book of the year. I laughed, I cried, I was so absorbed.

A book that started really well
I feel like Opposite of Always was a book that started better than it finished. Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoyed it, but the beginning was definitely the strongest part of the book. The end felt particularly rushed.

Part 2: The World Goes on Hold

A book that had an unexpected plot twist
The Fifth Season was nothing BUT unexpected plot twists. Well, there was actually a lot more going for it (SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD), but the plot was super twisty-turny, even with the three different timelines going.

A book that felt like nothing happened
I definitely felt that way about Truly Devious, and all the things that did happen were the result of blind luck, not detective work. Which was truly unfortunate considering how much I had been looking forward to it. Oh well.

A book where two main characters were separated
Can’t go into details here because, well, spoilers, but this is an okay description of Harrow the Ninth, and it was definitely one of the most hyped books last year.

Part 3: The World Tries to Reopen (and begins a second wave of the pandemic)

A book in which the characters made a bad decision
Oh Prime Deceptions, SO MANY bad decisions! To be fair, most of these decisions happened in the past and Eva Innocente, captain and main character, is trying desperately to atone for them throughout this series. But she makes some pretty risky decisions almost resulting in her death in this book too. If you like exciting sci-fi, this series is just amazing, plus hilarious.

A book with an impatient/overly eager character
I loved When Dimple Met Rishi, and I think impatient/overly eager is a great descriptor for both characters in different ways. Rishi is obviously impatient to find true love and get married, especially considering he’s 18, lol. But Dimple is SUPER overenthusiastic about computer science, hence attending this super awesome summer camp thing.

Part 4: The World Adjusts (sort of)

A book where the character’s goals change midway
One of the amazing things about We Ride Upon Sticks (and there were many, MANY amazing things) was how the characters grow and develop. Early on they’re just like, we want to not suck at field hockey. But by the end they’re learning to be true to themselves, to fight the patriarchy, to stand up for those who can’t. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough to fans of quirky literary fiction with a splash of magic.

Part 5: The End and Looking Forwards

A book you finished even though you didn’t like it
Meh, I snoozed through The Strangers by Margaret Peterson Haddix half because it was on the Texas Bluebonnet List last year, and half because I kept expecting it to pick up. It didn’t. Too long and slow for a middle grade adventure, imo.


A book whose sequel you really anticipated/are anticipating
Have to cheat and go with two. I read both Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth last year and am *so* hooked. But Alecto the Ninth doesn’t come out until 2022!!!! THE HORROR!

But this very year, in June (?) of 2021, a book set in the world of The Goblin Emperor graces our world! *faints* It’s not a direct sequel, but there are not words enough to describe how excited I am for The Witness for the Dead, not the least because the author was adamant that she was done with that series. I don’t have much on my radar for this year, but that’s definitely at the top.

A book whose sequel is better than the original
Um, I actually didn’t read all that many sequels in 2020, so I don’t know about *better*, but The Empire of Gold was just as good as The City of Brass! A great conclusion to the series, and worth the wait, this was the only other book I pre-ordered last year before June.

Here’s to hoping THIS YEAR is a sequal better than 2020, amiright?!

I’m not tagging anyone, sorry, just because by the time this is out 2020 will be pretty well over. *shrug*

6 thoughts on “The 2020 Book Tag

  1. Thank you so much for doing my tag! I loved reading your answers.
    Aw man, I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy Truly Devious very much–that’s one of the books I’ve been really looking forward to reading this year. We’ll see how I like it when I do pick it up.
    I also really really enjoyed We Ride Upon Sticks! You’re right, their goals do change midway–I hadn’t really thought of that but in a subtle way it’s totally true!
    Just a reiteration: just because it’s a tag about the year 2020, there’s nothing about it that means you can’t do it not in 2020…so if you want to tag people or whatever, please do! I realize I wasn’t very specific (At all) about this in my own post and it’s probably going to die out now…oh well, it had a good run.
    Thank you again, it was awesome to read this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, Opposite of Always wasn’t my favorite read of 2020. It had an interesting premise, but it was really bogged down in the details early on and then it rushed at the end, like you said. I also agree about Truly Devious. Too much luck, not enough sleuthing.

    Liked by 1 person

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