Favorites February 2021

Okay so, I realize it isn’t February today, but when I was planning my book list I genuinely thought that it would be February today, and I’ve already started my reading for this. So, here we are. WHATEVER! It’s February tomorrow!

Every year here on Never Not Reading I read a favorite series (or suuuuper long novel) in the month of February. As I am reading I write a series of posts in which I write about the books in detail and host a small discussion. In the past I’ve read Percy Jackson, Emma, and His Dark Materials.

In 2021 I am SO EXCITED to announce that I will be reading The Hunger Games trilogy!

I’m really looking forward to this re-read for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest of those is that with the release of A Ballad of Songbird and Snakes last year, The Hunger Games was everywhere and made me feel super nostalgic. I even considered tagging ABOS&S to the end of this re-read since I haven’t read it yet, but decided against it. After giving it months of thought (seriously, I’ve known this was going to be my Favorites Februrary since like, April) I decided that I don’t really care about the prequel.

The other reason I’m super excited about this re-read is that it’s been a hot minute since I read The Hunger Games. I can’t remember for sure when I last read it, but it’s been at least five years, probably more.

So here is what you have to look forward to this February!

Every Sunday I will post a feature of one book, going in order obviously. Expect spoilers. Each post will include a short summary (like SUPER short), why I love the book, a music spotlight, and discussion questions. And this all starts next weekend!

Of course you’re welcome to read along and discuss along with me. Let me know, I can share the discussion questions with you ahead of time. But this isn’t a fancy readalong like other bloggers host.

See you next Sunday Hunger Games fans!

9 thoughts on “Favorites February 2021

  1. Hi!!! I’m so excited you’re rereading hunger games!!! I reread the series every year during Thanksgiving to commemorate the first time I read it (in seventh grade). Also if you get the chance you should absolutely read the prequel!! It’s… Incredible 🤩😯😻😭

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  2. Ooooh sounds fun!! I don’t know if I’ll be reading along, but I’ll still look forward to your posts! I read Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes without doing a reread of the trilogy and I’m not sure if that was beneficial, since I couldn’t fully compare it to Collins’ older writing, or just…a bad idea lol. I think “I don’t really care about the prequel” should have been my mindset too – I was SO angry about the ending 😅

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  3. I am also looking forward to rereading The Hunger Games trilogy at some point, although for me it won’t be this month. Nevertheless, eager to see your posts on it! The prequel is a no-go for me, too. It just doesn’t sound like it adds anything worthwhile to the series.

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