Classic Remarks: Favorite Couples

This week Krysta and Briana at Pages Unbound are hosting the discussion: Who are some of your favorite classic couples?

Thank you, Krysta and Briana, for asking who are “some of” my favorite couples. Because I could just tell you all about Elizabeth and Darcy for a whole blog post, but I’m assuming that isn’t what anyone wants to read, lol.

No surprise that most of my favorite classic novels have great romances at the center of them. The only question will be whether I can keep this list to a reasonable length…

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

Is there anything more cliche? But I admit, Pride and Prejudice is probably my favorite book in the whole world. I love watching Elizabeth fall in love with Mr. Darcy. I love watching Mr. Darcy pretend to be indifferent. I love all the ridiculous characters. I love how they become better people for one another. But mostly I love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. *sigh*

Jane and Mr. Rochester

Another cliche, but I think that the moment Mr. Rochester almost confesses his love to Jane after he pretends to be the gypsy might be my favorite moment in all of literature. I don’t know what it is, they aren’t a particularly endearing couple. I guess it’s just Charlotte Bronte’s masterful writing.

Marguerite and Sir Percy

In my opinion The Scarlet Pimpernel is an under-appreciated classic. The love story is a touch melodramatic, but what is a French Revolution spy novel without a little melodrama? My heart literally aches for Marguerite when I read this book.

Mina and Jonathan Harker

Probably you weren’t expecting to see any Dracula on this list, lol. I love Mina and Jonathan 50% because Mina is a total badass, and 50% for their love built on mutual respect. At no point to Jonathan try to convince Mina that she is too weak or fragile to participate in the vampire investigation, and at no point does Mina suggest that Jonathan’s past trauma will be too much for him. Their relationship is built on supporting one another, and I really admire them as a couple.

Eowyn and Faramir

Ah, my first literary loves! I love that Faramir and Eowyn meet in a time of despair, but they discover through their relationship that life is worth living. Because of love. All the feels!

Romeo and Juliet

I admit, I am a total sucker for Romeo and Juliet. If you can forget that they were like, 15, and if you can set aside reservations about a story that essentially glorifies suicide, this play is SO FREAKING ROMANTIC. Do I believe in love at first sight? Maybe not. Am I willing to believe in it while I watch this play? Absolutely.

16 thoughts on “Classic Remarks: Favorite Couples

  1. Yes to Marguerite and Percy! I love how their relationship develops from being one of secrets to one built on trust! I’m not so sure about Jane and Rochester, though! You’re really going to dress in disguise to attempt to get a confession of love from your crush, Rochester? That’s just weird. XD

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  2. Mina and Johnathan Harker are such a good pick! I’ve never actually read Dracula, but I’ve appreciated their relationship in most of the adaptations I’ve seen.
    Mr Rochester, however, comes across to me as a manipulative jerk – I definitely prefer Mr Darcy!
    Éowyn and Faramir are my favorite couple in LotR, as well.

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