Life Update

Hey everyone. I know I haven’t been around much lately. I haven’t been reading your posts, which leaves a giant hole in my heart, and I haven’t been posting much content. (Unless you like middle-grade book reviews, then I’ve been posting TONS, lol.) To those of you who have stuck with me, thanks. I hope I’ll be back soon.

So here’s what’s going on.

Many of you know that I started teaching at a new school in August. It’s rough. I’m teaching 4th grade self-contained, which means I teach reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. It’s a lot. Lots of planning, and my team isn’t super into working together. :/ In addition to that, it’s … not the best job. I leave work crying a lot. It’s funny how kids get a pass on emotional abuse because they’re ten and “don’t know any better”, but that’s not exactly the point of this post.

Most of you also know that I’m in grad school studying to be a librarian. I’m getting close to done, but this semester I’m taking a children’s and young adult literature class, and I’m reading at least a novel a week. While I much prefer that to reading a textbook, it’s definitely been a lot of work!

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Ad Feedback Please!

I’ve been noticing a lot of ads on other blogs of free WordPress users lately. Like, some people I’ve always seen some ads, but the last few weeks it’s been a LOT. A lot a lot. In some cases I’m seeing ads upwards of five different locations! I’m not sure if that’s something those users are volunteering for or not, so I tried to check out my own blog. But I’m getting mixed results from using my husband’s various devices.

Would I would really appreciate from you guys is some feedback on what you’re seeing on MY blog in particular. I’m thinking about upgrading, but I don’t know that I want to that badly. $8 a month isn’t that bad, but since you pay it all at once it’s kind of a chunk of money.

If you’re reading this in the reader, do me a favor and open this up in MY blog please. (God, Katie, you’re just trying to boost your stats.) Fill out the survey below. And then, if you don’t mind, I would super DUPER appreciate anyone who would be willing to take some screen shots of what ads you are seeing and email them to me. My email is

Now I’m going to type some nonsense, because I notice there are more ads on longer posts.

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The New TBR Plan

Making room for variety AND re-reads

I’ve posted a couple of times in the last sixth months or so about my rather bizarre current tbr solution. I found that when left to my own mood-reading habits, I tend to pick up more YA fantasy than I can actually put up with, and I read a lot of books that are all kind of the same and get bored of them. Any time I would love a book it was usually something sufficiently DIFFERENT from all the other things I’d been reading. So I made up a solution where I had to read one of each genre before I could read another.

It was a lot. I ended up with 10 genres. YA, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, classics, and on and on and on. I really like this method because I was getting in a lot of variety and trying out a lot of kinds of books I hadn’t read much of before. It also forced me to read some of the literary fiction that had been sitting on my tbr for a while and not read because it isn’t as flashy and exciting as genre fiction.

The problem is, as I’ve been posting about literally all summer, that it left even less time for re-reading. When you’re forcing yourself to read ten genres, how can you possibly find time to re-read? I couldn’t.

So after some long, hard thinking, I decided it was time to reform.

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I DNFed a book, but I didn’t hate it…

Usually when I see people talking about DNFing a book, it’s like giving it a rating worse than 1-star. It’s the WORST thing they could POSSIBLY say about the book. I was soooooo terrible that they couldn’t waste their time reading it. It was offensive and all remaining copies should be burnt. The author deserves to be tarred and feathered and THEN drawn and quartered.

And honestly, most of the time when I’ve quite books, it’s been because I … didn’t like them.

Full disclosure, I almost always finish books. I can count my dnfs on one hand. Oddly, all of them have been “Classics”. (especially odd considering the classics are one of my favorite genres…) This most recent dnf makes five even for me. Ever.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Review

This Friday Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the Pokemon Go-style game Niantic created for the HP-verse, was released in the US. I’ve been playing every day since, and here are some of my initial thoughts.

Not as fun without the hype.

I downloaded Pokemon Go the second it became available despite terrible service and no Wi-Fi (it took thirty minutes) and then played it for well over a year, long past when the hype died down. Comparing the first weekend of Wizards Unite, the most striking difference to me has been the lack of community. What made Pokemon Go so stinkin’ fun was that after you convinced yourself that yes, it was worth it to go out in 110 degree heat, drive thirty minutes to the nearest urban area, and walk around for a few hours, there were literally hundreds of other people all doing the same thing. When you got to wherever you were going you bonded with complete strangers over the excitement of catching (or not catching…) your first Magmar. You competed with people sitting on the other side of the courtyard for the gyms, shooting them dirty looks the whole time. It was like the world’s biggest block party, and it was a blast.

Going out to play Wizards Unite this weekend was … not that. Granted, as a mom of multiple kids who still have to organize the entire day around nap-time, I know I don’t keep the same hours as the target audience. But y’all, I have yet to see see one single other person playing. And I can’t convince anyone I know to play with me. It’s just … not as fun by yourself.

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My Summer TBR






Hem. Excuse me. Let’s try get back to some semblance of decorum, please?

It’s no secret that teachers look forward to summer vacation just as much (probably more) than their students do. Personally my favorite part of summer vacation is not getting up at 5 AM, but spending time with my kids is a close second. And, obviously, reading a boat-load of books is always a highlight of my summer.

Over the years I’ve gotten into a few summer reading traditions.
1) Read a completed YA series that is *still* popular and that I’ve neglected
2) Read a book in the Lady Trent series
3) Catch up on new releases
4) Read at least 100 pages every day

While I’m a little bit of a mood reader, since I started using the library more I’ve had to start planning my tbr a little bit more in advanced. (I’ll write more about THAT this summer!) So I’ve already got a bit of a list. Plus I know what my YA series is going to be, plus a few other books that I know I want to get to. So here are, in absolutely no order whatsoever, some of the books I want to read this summer!

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New Look!

If you’re reading this in the WordPress reader or in your email, STOP. Please take a second, click, follow the link to my actual blog. If you’re already here, ISN’T IT PREEEETTTTYYYY????

So things look a little different around here! Don’t worry, it’s all still the same snarky content, just a little more pink.

The two biggest changes:

Check out my beautiful new banner! It’s so lovely. *sigh* Huge thanks to Jenn @ Jenniely for doing such beautiful work! Jenn is super multi-talented, so get ready to do some following!

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My Son, Baggins

I just have to share this story from last night, because it was just too adorable to keep to myself.

So we were video-chatting with my mom last night. My four-year-old was very adorably telling her what he had for dinner, what he is going to play tonight, and whatever other random things four-year-olds talk about. And then he stuck his hand in his pockets, and I saw his eyes light up, and he asked:

“Nana, can you guess what is in my pocket?”

And then, and y’all, you can’t make this stuff up, HE PULLED A RING OUT OF HIS POCKET.

Book Twitter is Kind of the Worst

Honestly, twitter in general is just the worst. No kind of. Everyone is just so upset ALL OF THE TIME. Everyone is on there just yelling at everyone who disagrees with them, not listening to anything, treating the “other side” like they are the scum of the earth. It’s so awful!

When I started this blog, I made a twitter account because it’s just what you do. I didn’t expect to spend much time there, because I KNOW that twitter is the worst and I didn’t want to.

But then everyone started going on and on about how the bookish community on twitter is so amazing. So I gave it a shot. I thought, the book blogger community is so amazing, maybe book twitter will be fine. Maybe everyone is just on there supporting each other and being amazing.


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Giveaway Reminder

This is just your friendly neighborhood reminder that to say THANK YOU!!!!! to my 1,000 followers (seriously, still not over this) I am hosting a GIVEAWAY!!

I’ll send you a book of my choice from your tbr (don’t worry, I’ll send the one I think you’re going to love the BEST!), but sorry it’s open to US only, and sorry there’s only going to be one winner. Thanks again for being THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER!!!!

To enter: