What Makes the Perfect October Read?

There’s just something about October, isn’t there?

Even before our odd 2010s obsession with pumpkin spice and leggings, October had always been my favorite month. There’s just something in the air, this crispness, that isn’t there at any other time of year. Also, Halloween remains my favorite holiday, even (maybe) more than Christmas. I love costumes and dressing up, and there’s something so magical about the excitement on a child’s face when they get the perfect costume.

October is just the best.

The last few years I’ve been in the mood for a certain kind of book in October. It’s not necessarily a genre, though I know lots of people read mysteries, thriller, or horror in October. It’s more of a … feel. A mood. I don’t know if I can adequately explain it, but I’m sure going to try!

A little creepy or off

I don’t like scary books at ALL, but in October I love to read something where things are just a little edgy. There’s a tension, a creep-factor, missing from the average book. Enough to give you goosebumps, but not enough to keep you up at night. In October I eat that up.

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Falling for Fall Tag

I love fall. Hands down, fall is my favorite season. The weather is so nice, the air is so still, the leaves are falling, and Halloween. The thing I hate most about living in Texas is that we never get much of a fall. We finally got down below 80 degrees this past week, and I’m expecting maybe one more week of nice weather before it going permanently into the 40s. Also, when our leaves fall they just turn brown. So depressing.

But fall. Ah, I love fall! So when I saw the Falling for Fall Tag on The Introverted Book Nerd I just knew that I had to participate. I promise, it won’t all be pumpkin spice everything. 😉

What is your favorite fall scent?

Fresh air! This might sound ridiculous to those of you who living in cooler climates, but when the air is hot, you just can’t smell anything. Except, you know, burning pavement. But in the fall the air has this crisp, clean smell. I love it! Continue reading “Falling for Fall Tag”