Six Degrees of Separation: Atonement to Wolf Hall

Six Degrees of Separation is a monthly blog event hosted by Kate at booksaremyfavoriteandbest. This is my first time participating, and I’m pretty excited. My brother-in-law play 6 Degrees every weekend, movie version of course, and I always thought about how this could be applied bookishly.

If you’ve never played the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the idea is that any actor can be connected to Kevin Bacon by going through other actors they were in movies with in six actors or less. You don’t have to connect to Kevin Bacon if you don’t want, you can use any two actors. For example, can you connect Julia Roberts to Steve Carrell? I can do it in one…

This month we’re starting with Atonement by Ewan McEwan.

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Challenge Yourself

I would like to take a moment today to look at TWO thoughts I often see expressed on social media.

THOUGHT 1: I hate when I see parents shaming their kids for reading books that “aren’t challenging enough.” Does every single book have to be a challenge????

First of all, while I completely agree with the sentiment that not every single book needs to be a challenge, as a mom I’m also not big into parent shaming. You don’t know that parent! You don’t know that kid! Maybe that kid DOES read challenging books and the parent is a snob that thinks Warriors is too “kid-y” for her child. Maybe. Or maybe, just possibly, that’s a brilliant kid who is capable of moving on to bigger and awesomer things, but won’t read anything outside of their Magic Tree House comfort zone. YOU DON’T KNOW!

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Reminder: Calendar Girls are back NEXT WEEK!

calendar girls august

Oh my goodness you guys, JULY IS ALMOST OVER. How did this happen? That means I have to go back to work!

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So this is just your friendly neighborhood reminder that NEXT WEEK, August 6th, is THE DAY for Calendar Girls August posts. Our theme is Dog Days of Summer: Best Novel Set in Summer. All you have to do is write a post telling us your pick and link back to mine and Darque Dreamer’s posts so we can link to YOU! Then make sure to blog hop and check out everyone else’s lists. Like, comment, subscribe, you know the drill!

Guys, I am so excited. There are no words.

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The Literary Dinner Party Tag

If you could invite one book character to dinner, who would it be?



Luckily for me (and all of my dinner plates…) I saw this awesome tag on Kristin Kraves Books that lets me pick more than one person. Yay! It was created by NEHOMAS2 over on BookTube, so go on over and show those ladies some love.

So, who will be at my dinner party? I can’t wait to find out!

A Character Who Cooks or Likes to Cook

Agnieszka from Uprooted

I feel like between her actual cooking skills and her much improved magic, Agnieszka could make us something very delicious. And maybe as long as she’s here make me some nicer clothes. And then perhaps we could be gal pals. Continue reading

Can a Book Really Inspire Change?

It’s the 21st century, and we all know how this little dance goes. Finish book. Feel inspired. Exclaim “MY LIFE IS SO CHANGED!!!!” Then do nothing.

We all have those books, the ones that really made us understand something important, or feel inspired to bring change, or that made us feel like we could make a difference. In the acknowledgements for Children of Blood and Bone Tomi Adeyemi even had a call to action to go do something. And yet, is it just me, or are we not doing anything?

I think that it’s easier to feel inspired than it is to act. Especially because a lot of times a book doesn’t actually tell you what to do. A lot of the social issues that are so important to so many Americans right now just don’t leave us with that many options. Yeah, we can vote, and yeah we can march, but not TODAY. And yeah, we can tweet, but what is that really doing anyway? Maybe a book leaves you feeling inspired that you can do something to change the world. And then maybe you try to go do something and can’t figure out what to do after all. And then a few days go by, then a few weeks, and next thing you know you aren’t so inspired anymore.

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The Awesome Blogger Award!


First off, a huge thank you to Samantha at Modern Witch’s Bookshelf for this nomination. (Samantha, do you by chance go by Sam? I call you Sam in my head…) She has been SO FREAKING ENCOURAGING about my blog several times this summer, even calling me her favorite blogger a couple of times. *squeals* I can’t tell you how much that means to me. There’s too much of why to get into it, but that kind of positive feedback doesn’t happen to me much, and I appreciate it.

The funny thing is, she’s one of my favorite bloggers too (not that I get as much time to read everyone else’s blogs with 2 kids…), which seems to really boggle her. I’m not sure why, we’ve been blogging about the same length of time, and she’s just as awesome as I am. If you’ve never checked out Modern Witch’s Bookshelf, you need to do that right now. Go. Continue reading

A Broke Girl’s Guide to Bookstagram

I often see posts from book bloggers giving advice on how to grow your bookish Instagram, affectionately known as bookstagram. (You know you’re cool when you have an Instagram full of pictures of BOOKS…) And while I find some helpful tips in these posts, I get frustrated when I see things like “Fake flowers from the craft store make great props and are so cheap!” Um, excuse me? I don’t call ten bucks for a double hydrangea bloom cheap. 

A lot of bookstagrammers and book blogger are high school and college students who don’t have extra money to throw around on luxuries like a light box or an entire series of hardback books. Others of us are working parents who don’t have time to DIY everything in the whole world, or spend hours on bookish photo shoots. And, sadly, I see very little advice that is useful to folks like us.

So, I thought I would offer up some of the practical advice I have figured out while bookstagramming over the past year. Note that I do bookstagram as a hobby, and if you’re interested in gaining thousands of followers and get 600 likes per post, this is probably not going to be that helpful to you. Continue reading