Identifying with Multiple Characters

One thing that’s really important to me as I’m reading a book is whether or not I can identify with the protagonist. It’s not necessarily that they need to be exactly like me or anything, but I have to be able to relate to them, to understand why they do the things they do. The better I understand them and feel connected with them, the more I will enjoy a book.

And I feel like that’s a pretty common thing among readers, or really in any story. Movies, songs, whatever.

But when I can closely identify with several of the characters … magic.

Perfect example, Harry Potter. Most bookish people identify most strongly with Hermione out of the main trio, and I especially identify with first-book-Hermione. She was made fun of, loved school, followed rules to a T. All me. However, I think for many young girls Ginny of the early books was so relatable! Her crush on Harry was one-sided and juvenile. She couldn’t even look at Harry without blushing, and everything she did around him just made her look uncool. What middle school girl can’t relate to that?! Then, in book 5, Luna Lovegood made an appearance. She’s probably one of the most popular characters in the series, universally loved. I think it’s because people see themselves in her. They feel just as odd as she is on the inside, and they admire that she isn’t ashamed of herself. Continue reading “Identifying with Multiple Characters”