The Playlist Shuffle Tag

Happy Friday everyone!

I was tagged by one of my favorite people, Darque Dreamer Reads, to share the first 15 songs on my playlist after hitting the shuffle button. (Actually, I tagged myself, but she TOLD me to tag myself so it counts!)

Now, this left me in quite the dilemma. WHICH PLAYLIST TO CHOOSE??? I have lots of different playlists with lots of different kinds of music on them. So I chose the most eclectic playlist, the one labeled “Car” which, you guessed it, I mostly listen to in the car. It’s got over 800 songs and a little bit of everything on it, as long as “everything” doesn’t include anything released in the last 5 years. What can I say? I spend my money on books, not music, and I hate the radio. Commercials, ick.

So, without further ado, my “car” playlist!

Here I Am (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)

I love this musical, and Sherie Renee Scott is hilarious in this song.

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Disney Sidekicks Book Tag

I usually post a tag on Sunday, because tags are fun. But I haven’t been tagged for one in a while. (Come on buddies, step it up!) So I went hunting for one in my reader. And of course, anything with Disney is going to catch my eye. I saw this tag on Books and Other Pursuits, go and check her out!

Mushu: Favorite hilarious character or comedy/funny book


As I mentioned earlier this week on The Calendar Girls, Where’d You Go Bernadette is the funniest book I have ever read. Even my husband loved it! It’s a unique book too, told almost completely using documents, rather than in narrative form. I highly recommend to anyone who loves satire.  Continue reading “Disney Sidekicks Book Tag”

The New Disney Princess Book Tag


I saw this book tag on Flavia the Bibliophile, and even though I wasn’t tagged I just had to join in! I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of book tags I’ve done, and I am obsessed with Disney Princesses. Am I also procrastinating on starting a book that’s been on my tbr for way too long because I secretly don’t really want to read it? Maybe.


  • Mention where you saw the tag/thank whoevver tagged you.
  • Tag Zuky’s and Mandy’s posts so they can check out the wonderful Princess fun throughout the blog world (Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews & Zuky @ Book Bum)
  • Play a game of tag at the end!

Snow White

The Book (like the movie) That Started It All
Favorite Debut Book From an Author

51GfkFJuPCL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Mmmmm, so hard to pick, but probably The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I mean, it’s just one of my favorite books period. It’s so romantic and dreamlike. I wish Le Cirque des Rêves was a real place. Continue reading “The New Disney Princess Book Tag”