Calendar Girls December: Best Diverse Cast

Christmas time is here!

Alright, now that the Snoopy gifs are out of the way, happy December Calendar Girls! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am ready for a break from my semesters, some hot chocolate, and some holiday cheer. Also, a little good news on the job front wouldn’t hurt, so please keep keeping your fingers crossed for me!

This month we’re talking all about books with diversity. I’m very much looking forward to talking about this, partly because I have literally no idea what I’m about to pick, and partly because I’m ready for some great recommendations! I know that I don’t read enough books with diversity (my penchant for picking up older novels really bites me here), and my tbr is currently hanging out *whispers* below 85. So! Hit me with em!

I think what makes this theme tricky is the wording of diverse “cast”. I read plenty of books by and about people of color, and the number of LGBTQ books has definitely gone up since I started blogging. But it’s tricky to find a book where the characters are black, white, gay, latina, east-asian, lesbian, blue, green, orange, and everything in between. Also, I feel like picking a Sci-Fi book where we’re past the point of segregating ourselves is cheating. (Plus, I already picked The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, so…)

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Calendar Girls December Theme

Is anyone else’s family starting to ask about Christmas lists? Like, I haven’t even started thinking about Thanksgiving yet, and all of the sudden people want to know what I (and my kids) want for Christmas. What if my kid suddenly discovers he’s obsessed with something new 1 month out like he did with Halloween?!

Anyway, it’s almost December! So we’re here ready to go with our December theme. Y’all, this was no contest. Which, when you consider the current book blogging climate, was really no surprise. So, here it is! The December theme!

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