Met My 2017 Goodreads Goal!


My Goodreads journey in 2017 has been an interesting one. I started with a goal of 30 books, 5 more than my 2016 goal which I demolished. I wanted to set it higher since it was obviously possible to meet, but not too high because I knew I was starting a new job and didn’t know how much time I would have.

In May I started this blog. At the time I was well on pace to meeting my goal, and I was actually 3 or 4 books ahead of schedule. Just where I like to be. But because of this blog I started designating several hours of my day during summer vacation to reading and my pace exploded. I started averaging 2 books a week.

By early June I was already at 28 books.

Clearly it was time to bump up the goal. I was nervous to set a goal of 50, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace up once school started. However, I also knew that at the rate I was going I would be well over 40 books by then. So I went for it.

Sure enough, by August I was comfortably at 41. Only 9 books to go! No problem, right?

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