My 500th Book

Good day friends!

I’ve been using Goodreads for a long time now. Since 2014 according to my profile. And while I’m well aware that many of the books I read when I was a kid aren’t on there, nearly everything I’ve read in my adult life is. And today. Well. Today I hit a milestone.

I’ve read my 500th book.

To those of you who regularly read 200 books a year that might not seem like such a big deal. But whatever, I’m in to numbers and this is a fun one.

So what was it? The 500th book? I’m glad you asked. Drumroll please!!!

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Social Media for Book Bloggers

A Slightly Silly Guide

One of the biggest challenges for me as a book blogger has always been managing social media. How do I know which platforms to use and which ones not to? How do I find enough time to spend on all of them? Which platforms will help grow my blog and which ones kind of stand alone?

Which ones do I care about?

So the answers to those questions are obviously going to be a little different for everyone, but today I am here to give you a brief introduction to some of the most popular social media platforms used by book bloggers.


TwitterTwitter is great if you want to have a million followers who never click on any of your links! It’s also a wonderful place to get in arguments, I mean discussions, about the same book drama over and over again. Twitter is a must-have for your blog, but you only get out what you put in, so plan on spending twenty hours a day there. Continue reading “Social Media for Book Bloggers”

How Well Does Goodreads Know Me?

I saw this about a month ago on Kristin Kraves Books, and it was such a fun idea that I had to participate! If you’ve never checked Kristin out you should, because she always has great posts. Kristen got the idea from Ally Writes Things who got it from Caitstiel’s Book World.

Mostly I was intrigued because back in the day when my tbr was oh so small, I would try the goodreads recommends feature and it would be WAAAAAAY off. I’m curious to see if it’s gotten any better, especially now that I’ve rated a lot more books. On the other hand, it’s possible the same old middle-grade books are still sitting on that recommendation list because I haven’t said “not interested…”

So basically what you do is go to your goodreads recommendations page and see whether you are interested in the books the recommend. I’m going to look at the first book on each list. Then I will click want to read and expand my massive tbr, click not interested and never see it again, or if I’m not sure whether I want to read it or not, do nothing.

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What’s Ahead in 2018

I’m not a huge planner. In the past the things that I’ve planned have always seemed to … not work out. You can plan and plan and plan, but inevitably something doesn’t go the way you thought it would, and you have to re-do EVERYTHING. So I’ve sort of stopped planning. I keep ’em vague.

I DO like goals. That’s different. But let’s not go into that, lol.

All this to say, I don’t really have a plan for this blog going into 2018. I’m just going to do what I did this year: do whatever I want and see which direction it goes.

But there are a couple of things that are solid and (probably) going to happen, so let’s take a look at those.

Goodreads Challenge


Setting my goal for 30 books. This is a lot less than 2017, but there’s a few good reasons.

  1. Giving birth and maternity leave. I’m trying to be realistic here.
  2. As you’ll read below, there’s a couple of behemoths on my list. Like, 800 pagers. They’ll slow me down quite a bit.
  3. I can always bump it up, but not down. I mean, you can, but how would you live with yourself?

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Met My 2017 Goodreads Goal!


My Goodreads journey in 2017 has been an interesting one. I started with a goal of 30 books, 5 more than my 2016 goal which I demolished. I wanted to set it higher since it was obviously possible to meet, but not too high because I knew I was starting a new job and didn’t know how much time I would have.

In May I started this blog. At the time I was well on pace to meeting my goal, and I was actually 3 or 4 books ahead of schedule. Just where I like to be. But because of this blog I started designating several hours of my day during summer vacation to reading and my pace exploded. I started averaging 2 books a week.

By early June I was already at 28 books.

Clearly it was time to bump up the goal. I was nervous to set a goal of 50, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace up once school started. However, I also knew that at the rate I was going I would be well over 40 books by then. So I went for it.

Sure enough, by August I was comfortably at 41. Only 9 books to go! No problem, right?

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I love Goodreads.

Goodreads is my favorite way to decide what books to read. I love that I get a summary, reviews from all kinds of people (usually good and bad), discussion questions, and a set of books its similar to. Plus, if I’m not sure what to read next, it makes recommendations!  And don’t even get me started on the yearly challenge.

But there is one thing I just hate about Goodreads.

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Changing Direction a Bit

So up to now I’ve primarily been reviewing YA books. There were two reasons for this. 1. As summer was starting I wanted to catch up on a couple of YA series that I’ve been wanting/trying to read for a while, so that’s just kind of where my brain was. 2. I was thinking I was going to focus on YA because that’s really the genre that is most active in the book blogging community. And adults read them too!

But this past weekend I had a realization. I don’t actually like YA books most of the time.


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