FINALLY a Librarian!


So I mentioned about a month ago that back in September I was offered my dream job as a librarian at my elementary school. However, as a teacher I am under contract, and was waiting for my school district to hire someone to replace me (IF they could find someone…). Well! This past week they finally released me from my contract.


Thursday is my last day! Then on Friday I get to have a get-to-know-you day at my new school. My official first day won’t be until after Christmas, but I get to go to a sing-along and a club day and meet the kids and the teachers.


I’m also so nervous. I got this job mainly on passion, but I’ve never actually worked in a library, and the library and information science degree gives you shockingly little preparation for practical things like, you know, software. Thankfully there are a ton of other librarians in the district, and I think one of them might show me around on the first day and help with with POs and things like that. But still. NERVOUS.

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Future Librarian

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I had applied to Grad School but that the program was full. I was crossing my fingers that some people might choose the other university that offers the same degree and open up room for me, but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t happen and feeling down. But on Sunday morning I opened my email, and lo and behold! I AM ACCEPTED!

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So. As of Monday I am officially enrolled for a degree in Library Science. I’m going to be a librarian!!!! I am over the moon about this for many, many reasons, too many to go into at length. But I must say to all of you:

Thank you.

It is this blog and the people in this community that really brought out my passion in books and made me realize that what I want to spend all day every day doing is sharing that love with kids. Being a teacher is great, but I don’t know that it’s right for me. Thanks to you all (and a real-life friend) I think I’ve discovered that a school library is a much better fit. Continue reading “Future Librarian”