motivation monday

I’ve come so far!

The picture on the left is me just out of college. I was unemployed, overweight, and struggling with my blood sugar. With all the stress of trying to find a job I never took the time for myself.

The picture on the right is me today! In the last year I’ve really started to prioritize and to make time for me. I’m down 5 books from my tbr, and only have 15 books to meet my yearly reading goal! Since I started reading I’m happier, healthier, and more confident than ever before. I am absolutely my best self! When you put in the work, amazing things are possible.


This post originally appeared on my Instagram about a month ago, but I find it too silly not to share. It took so long because I had other, more interesting posts lined up. I’ve finally postponed it enough times to make it a BONUS POST, lol. Sorry if you’re seeing it twice. 🙂

At least I don’t have to run from the Anduin to Fangorn…

It’s almost summer and my shorts don’t fit. I live in Texas, shorts are NOT optional. Which means, it’s time to diet. Sigh.

I hate dieting.

giphy (2).gif

Even more than dieting, I hate exercising.

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