ReRead, ReWrite, Burn Tag

Oooo goody, a chance for me to have an unpopular opinion! Yay!!!

So I saw this tag on Modern Witch’s Bookshelf back in June, and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since. Even though I’m doing a tag every week, I’m still so backed up… Whatever not the point. The point is, I’m really excited to talk about some of the books I’ve read this year, though I doubt I would actually burn any of them. LET’S DO THIS!

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  • Randomly choose 3 books
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread (like Marry, Boff, Kill).
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or six) (or however many you want to do).

So I’m going with books I’ve read so far this year, and choosing them using a random number generator. Here we go! Wee!

Round One

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Carry On, The Eyre Affair

ReRead: I feel like it’s almost cheating on this one, because I’ve re-read Half-Blood Prince dozens of times, and will keep reading it for my whole life. It’s my second favorite Potter book, and I love how well Rowling balanced the light-hearted moments with the heavy themes.

ReWrite: I love Rainbow Rowell, and I love the way she writes, but for a fantasy book there really wasn’t enough adventure for my taste. I would love to re-do this one with a little more adventuring and a little fewer whiteboards.

Burn: I don’t want to burn The Eyre Affair, but it just sort of got the short end of the stick here. I want to reread it less than HP, and I definitely wouldn’t rewrite it. *shrug*

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Review: Provenance

Provenance by Ann Leckie

Series: Imperial Radch (companion)
Genre: Science Fiction
Maturity Level: 4
View on Goodreads
Rating: ⋆⋆⋆

A power-driven young woman has just one chance to secure the status she craves and regain priceless lost artifacts prized by her people. She must free their thief from a prison planet from which no one has ever returned.

Ingray and her charge will return to her home world to find their planet in political turmoil, at the heart of an escalating interstellar conflict. Together, they must make a new plan to salvage Ingray’s future, her family, and her world, before they are lost to her for good.

Provenance was a mixed bag for me. The things I liked I really liked, but the things I didn’t I REALLY didn’t.

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The New TBR Plan

Making room for variety AND re-reads

I’ve posted a couple of times in the last sixth months or so about my rather bizarre current tbr solution. I found that when left to my own mood-reading habits, I tend to pick up more YA fantasy than I can actually put up with, and I read a lot of books that are all kind of the same and get bored of them. Any time I would love a book it was usually something sufficiently DIFFERENT from all the other things I’d been reading. So I made up a solution where I had to read one of each genre before I could read another.

It was a lot. I ended up with 10 genres. YA, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, classics, and on and on and on. I really like this method because I was getting in a lot of variety and trying out a lot of kinds of books I hadn’t read much of before. It also forced me to read some of the literary fiction that had been sitting on my tbr for a while and not read because it isn’t as flashy and exciting as genre fiction.

The problem is, as I’ve been posting about literally all summer, that it left even less time for re-reading. When you’re forcing yourself to read ten genres, how can you possibly find time to re-read? I couldn’t.

So after some long, hard thinking, I decided it was time to reform.

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