Sorting Hat Sunday: The Lord of the Rings

Frodo looked gloomily out of the window of the Hogwarts Express. The countryside was beautiful, he supposed, but it was nothing to the Shire. His home. Which he might never see again.

“Cheer up, Mr. Frodo,” Sam said, patting his back. “It can’t be all bad where we’re going.”

Frodo smiled at his friend, though the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “No Sam, I don’t suppose it will be all bad.” He sighed. “And if Gandalf says I need to go, well, there’s nothing else for it, is there?”

“Mr. Gandalf thinks the Ring will be safe at Hogwarts,” Sam said.

Frodo watched all of the children, all bigger than he, running past his windows through the corridor. Once again he felt the familiar urge to disappear. His hand itched to grab the ring. Frodo turned back toward the window.

“I hope so, Sam.”


“I will take the ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way.”

Any other arguments aside, this is Frodo’s defining moment, and he does the right thing even though he doesn’t want to.

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Sorting Hat Sunday: Christmas Characters

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Santa looked around him in confusion. He’d been teaching at Hogwarts for many, many years, and this was without a doubt the strangest assortment of children he had ever seen. Why, that child over there was actually GREEN!

But, if he had learned anything over these many years, it was that every child had something to offer. Even, probably, that weird one with the bald head. He brought the Sorting Hat forward, set it on its three-legged stool, and waited patiently for the sorting to begin.


Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of this movie. In fact, I quite hate it for lots of reasons that are ALL to due with it being extremely problematic. So I’ve only seen it just a few times in recent memory. However, my main impression of Rudolf is that it’s impossible to get him to NOT do something that he has his mind set to. Even if he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into, he jumps full in. I mean, this kid tries to take on the Abominable all by himself! He reminds quite a bit of an annoying Fred and George, if I’m being honest. Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: Christmas Characters”

Sorting Hat Sunday: Percy Jackson

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Percy looked around the Great Hall awkwardly. He didn’t belong here. All of these kids, they’d grown up knowing who they were. They were more powerful than him, they probably didn’t all have ADHD, the probably knew what the heck they were doing. But Percy didn’t.

Percy didn’t even know what he was doing here. His mom hadn’t explained anything, she’d just hurried him onto the mysterious red train on a platform Percy couldn’t even see almost moments before. He guessed it had something to do with his dad, but he’d never met him.

Whatever, at least he was away from Stinky Gabe. There was no way anyone here was as bad as Stinky Gabe.

Feeling reassured, he stood up a little straighter. He would make his mother proud. Whatever challenge Professor McGonagall was about the place before him, Percy would face it as best he could. As long as they didn’t ask him to read anything… Gods forbid.

Percy Jackson

I’ve put off sorting the Heroes of Olympus, despite it being the only book anyone has ever requested, specifically because I was worried that everyone would just end up in Gryffindor. Because, I mean, they’re heroes. Seriously, where else would I put Percy? Seaweed Brain wouldn’t fit in Ravenclaw (seriously, his utter lack of basic vocabulary is frankly embarrassing) and he doesn’t have an ambitious bone in his body. One could make the argument for Hufflepuff, except for that he’s pretty lazy. This is a no-brainer. Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: Percy Jackson”

Sorting Hat Sunday: Literary Monsters

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Vlad impatiently watched the countryside inch by. England was a long journey, but it would be worth it to study with Salazar Slytherin, the greatest wizard of the age. Slytherin had contacted Vlad’s family himself, said he wanted only the best wizards to study with him. Vlad was determined to be the best. To be better even then Slytherin. Someday…

It had been weeks and still they had not reached the ocean. He cursed his father’s lack of magical ability. His mother could have apparated him instantly to Hogwarts. But his mother was dead.

Not that his father lacked magic! Vlad reminded himself to be more careful with his thoughts. No, his father was a wizard all right, just a poor one. He’d never been properly taught. Transylvania was so remote. Vlad was not sorry to be leaving. He only hoped that in Scotland he would find what he was seeking. The key to bringing his mother back, or at the very least to protect himself from her fate.


Here is a man who is ambitious, and cunning enough to achieve his goal of world domination. That seems to be his primary motivation for moving to London: there are more people there for him to control and feed upon. He is a master influencer and manipulator. All these things point to one place, for me… Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: Literary Monsters”

Sorting Hat Sunday: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Rosemary awkwardly watched the older kids laugh and yell at each other and literally bounce of the seat. She had just been sitting here, minding her own business, when that especially bouncy girl, Kizzy maybe?, walked right in and told her they were going to be best friends. Then all of her friends piled in too.

So, here she was, part of this group somehow. But she smiled. She kind of liked them. Especially Sissix. She liked the way Sissix kept patting her leg without much worry about personal space.

Also, how was it that nobody seemed weirded out that the compartment was talking to them? I mean, that couldn’t be normal, right?


So… I’m probably going to end up sorting everyone into Hufflepuff, because this entire book is about friendship and all the characters are so dang NICE. It’s pretty much inevitable. So I may as well start off with Rosemary. She’s definitely neither brave or ambitious. And while she seems intelligent enough, she really wants to find people. She cares about friendship and doing the right thing. Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet”

Sorting Hat Sunday: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

It was just as Tony had expected, a train full of hundreds of kids, all stupider than him. Certainly no one was interested in talking to him. He’d thought about pulling out his new Firebolt and cleaning it just to get some attention, but he didn’t know if it was worth having it confiscated on the first day.

Besides, he’d always just been “Howard’s boy”. Maybe now that he had the chance to start over, he should establish himself as something other than the rich kid…


Sure enough, after just a few minutes polishing the handle, his compartment was full of kids, even older kids, (even a seventh year) drooling over his amazing broom and hanging on to his every word. Over the din he could jut hear a woman’s voice. “Anything from the trolly?”

“Trolly’s here! Who wants some candy?” he said with a grin, pulling a handful of galleons out of his pocket.

Popularity. There was nothing too it.

Iron Man

Tony has actually given me a bit of a pause. He’s certainly extremely intelligent and enjoys learning and being a gigantic know-it-all. But he also loves money, fame, and power. I also have to keep in mind that Tony is a very different person in Civil War and Infinity War than he was in his first movie.

So I slept on it, and I decided that Tony’s quest for power is primarily fueled by arrogance, not ambition. And arrogance doesn’t necessarily go in any particular house, but there’s one it reminds me of more than others. Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: The Marvel Cinematic Universe”

Sorting Hat Sunday: Children of Blood and Bone

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Zélie was ready. All of the other children around her looked scared, but that was what made them weak. Zélie wasn’t afraid. After what happened to her mother and all the other Magi, nothing could compare. She stood chin high and back straight, waiting for whatever the teachers would bring.

When the old woman with the tall hat produced an old battered hat, Zélie’s jaw dropped. This was the test? It required no skill, no training! This was no way to prove herself worthy!

She glanced around with disdain. One girl’s knees were literally quaking, shaking so badly that she had to hang on to the dark-skinned girl next to her for support. Zélie rolled her eyes. Then, the unthinkable happened. The hat began to sing.


Zélie was not hard to sort! While I wouldn’t call her ambitious in the most traditional sense, she is certainly ambitious in her belief that she can bring magic back. She thirsts for power, and doesn’t shy away from dangerous blood magic. And Zélie definitely has a dark side. She embraces revenge and doing whatever it takes to win.  Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: Children of Blood and Bone”

Sorting Hat Sunday: Pride and Prejudice

Sorting Hat Sunday (1)

Elizabeth sat in the train compartment with her sister, Jane, absolutely mortified. God, that had been embarrassing. Her mother loudly pointing out kids from all the “best” wizarding families and insisting Elizabeth make friends with them, her sisters running around and screaming with nobody stopping them. Lydia had even tried to get on the train! And then that boy she’d been sitting with had smirked at her like that before getting up and moving to another compartment. Could there even be a worse first day at Hogwarts?

A rather ugly girl knocked on their compartment door. “Excuse me,” she asked timidly, “can I sit with you?”

“Of course you can!” Jane answered, moving over to make room. “I’m Jane, and this is my sister Elizabeth.”

“I’m Charlotte,” she responded, sitting down, smiling. “Anyone want a Chocolate Frog?” Continue reading “Sorting Hat Sunday: Pride and Prejudice”