Harry Potter Week Day 7: Thank You

Happy Anniversary Harry!

Today the Harry Potter series turns 21. Here in the US it’s the big 2-0. Wow, 20 years! I can’t believe it! That’s like, two-thirds of my life. To celebrate, Weird Zeal has hosted a week-long Potter event, which so many of you have been reading, liking, and commenting on. Thanks guys! But today is special. Today we say thank you.


I want to say thank you to all of the fans. To all of the Potterheads who have created such an amazing community, both on the internet and in real life.  Continue reading “Harry Potter Week Day 7: Thank You”

5 Books I’m Thankful For

Here in America, November is a time when we give thanks. This tradition goes back to one of the founding groups of our country, a religious group called the Pilgrims, who after they barely escaped mass starvation, got together with the American Indians who helped them learn to farm and gave thanks. It’s halfway a harvest celebration, halfway a religious observance of thankfulness, halfway an excuse to eat WAY too much traditional food, and halfway the bringing in of the Christmas season.

Other countries have similar holidays, but perhaps in an attempt to ward off premature Christmas spirit, we’ve taken to focusing on thankfulness for the whole month of November!

This year I’m thankful for so many things. I’m thankful that my family is happy, healthy, and employed. I’m thankful that though my pregnancy hasn’t been easy, it’s been complication free. I’m thankful that my football team hasn’t just had winning season, something that was a pipe dream back in August, they’re having an AMAZING season! And I’m thankful for you guys. Both my followers and the friends I’ve made. Y’all have really helped me stay positive through a difficult school year. So this November, I really want to say THANK YOU.

But books, too. There’s a couple of books I’m thankful for this year, and every year.

Harry Potter


While this might seem obvious to some of you, I can’t even begin to express all the reasons I’m thankful to J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter series. If it weren’t for HP neither my brother or my mom would be people you would describe as “readers”. I was heavily involved in the HP fandom back when Pottermore was in its heyday, and I made some really good friends that way.

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Wow, 200 Followers!!!

WOW!!!!!!You guys are amazing. When I started this blog back in May it never occurred to me that I would have 200 followers by the time school started again. What a fun, exciting adventure this has been!

I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to follow, read, like, and comment on my little blog. It means so much to me that there are people out there listening to what I have to say. And, I admit, I am really excited to have made a couple of friends. It is so nice to finally have people to talk to about my books.

I am especially thankful to those of you who are continuing to read my blog even though I don’t currently have time to return the favor. Today is the first day of school for me (YIKES!), and so things are more than a little busy. But I’m hoping that in a month or so I’ll be back in the groove and reading your blogs again.

Seriously, y’all are awesome.

giphy (4).gif

100 Followers! Wow!


I can’t believe I’m already at 100 followers! It has been a great first few months book blogging and getting to know you all. I’ve said it a couple of times on various social media pages, but I think it’s worth saying again: this is a pretty cool community.

I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate you all for following, viewing, and especially liking and commenting. I would have done this blog even if you hadn’t, but it makes it so much more fun knowing that people are reading what you write and care about what you say.

Hopefully this isn’t the last post of this kind you’ll see in 2017! I’m looking forward to growing!